Questions for 4/12?


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  1. MrPKI

    What do you think of the $15.00 monthly game pass and XBox Live combined offering? Is that an attractive price and bundle?

  2. kleanzlate

    Hey Brad. The canary version of Edge chromium has got a chrome cast feature and it is awesome! Do you think or know if Microsoft will drop Miracast for chrome cast in Windows 10?

  3. brothernod

    When I bought my Surface Pro 5, the one let down is that it has not been able to completely replace a paper notepad. From pressing power to face recognition to booting OneNote it just takes to long, not to mention when the pen click doesn’t launch OneNote or other bugs.

    Do you think this is something Microsoft considers worth fixing and do you think there’s a chance they can reduce this friction enough to truly replace paper?

    I guess I’m still day dreaming about Courier.

  4. kenhes

    Could Blink (Chromium) be the rendering engine of "Windows Lite"?


    • jimchamplin

      In reply to kenhes:

      I wouldn't be surprised if Windows Lite were a fork of Chromium OS, similar to CloudReady. Microsoft could even build in a Docker-based container for Windows application support.

  5. Usman

    Walkingcat found a weird linkedin bio mentioning [email protected], going after the consumer market 'like never before', is this a dead project?

    Also what happened to the surface ambient computing device, is it on track? And is their more certaintity as to what kind of ambient device it is, considering that it isn't a smart speaker.

  6. averroda

    Q1: Do you think MS canning the book store and more so their health services is a precursor to making deals with other companies to be the main service provider on windows? Would be nice to hear about some deal with Fitbit after the Health service shuts down, would also be cool to see Kindle take a larger role too.

    Q2: With the schedule for build starting to get published gave you heard about anything that gets you excited?

    Q3: Any new updates on skype getting the ability to send sms/rms?

    • wright_is

      In reply to Averroda:

      If they are going to do a deal with a health company, I want it to be a company that takes health seriously. Fitbit would be way down towards the bottom of the list. An actual healthcare provider would be better. Although you could only make local deals, the health regulations in different countries have different standards, a health services provider in the USA wouldn't be licensed in most EU countries, for example. And the health systems around the world are all national and have different levels of automation and protocols for exchanging information

  7. madthinus

    What do you think is going on with 19H2?

  8. helix2301

    Brad I remember in Windows Vista and Windows 7 you had an ultimate edition. I think they did away with that in 8 and 10 was there a reason for the ultimate and why or did they do away with it?

  9. craig.r.s94

    Will new edge ever ship with windows server as Server 2019 desktop experience still ships with IE as default and will it come to Linux as well

    What do you think will set the Surface hub 2x apart from the 2s / 1 ?

  10. Piyer

    There are some very nice people in Cleveland!

    A good story with all the toxicity against journalists

  11. AnOldAmigaUser

    How close are they to having Windows Lite ready? They will continue to lose to Google and Chromebooks in the education market until they have a competing hardware platform.

  12. mmcpher

    I can't help myself and pre-ordered the Samsung Galaxy Fold on AT&T and the site says I was # 3517 to reserve. Any idea as to when it will be released, or when the HUAWEI Mate X will be available? In the US? If ever. I know you guys are skeptics/head-scratchers about foldables but it should be of interest to watch to leading companies compete in a new form-factor segment.