Questions for 4/15?


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  1. mrpki

    OK - you already know what question I am going to end with this week! What do you think of the Halo TV series? Is the audience growing or is it declining like the Halo Infinite player counts on Steam?

  2. jay wolf

    Hey Brad. Happy Friday.

    How many more years do you see the chip shortage lasting ? It seems like the PS5 is really struggling with restocking its supplies globally.

    Do you also think we could see this generation of consoles lasting into 2030 due to the shortage?

  3. thejoefin

    Have you heard anything about a possible Surface Earbuds 2?

    Seems like the Surface Earbuds released without ANC just as other brands released earbuds with ANC. Did you ever try the first gen Surface Earbuds?

  4. madthinus

    Thoughts on Elon buying Twitter.

  5. Migui

    Now that we know that there won't be E3 this year, What do you think were the main problems which caused this disaster?, Do you think Microsoft will have it's own event? Finally (and no related) do you think Twitter will be able to say no to Elon ?

  6. eternal shaddai

    Hello Brad. My 2 questions are, What is the time frame when we are going to hear about the Family Game Pass plan and will we ever see Microsoft Teams replacing Xbox Party to make it as bundle not only for business or any other communication but adding gaming communication to the 250 millions users claimed?

  7. mrpki

    Do think there will be a Surface Duo 3, or is this line discontinued?

  8. anoldamigauser

    Will Microsoft ever build a lightweight OS or will they continue cutting features from Windows until it is fully "simplified"?

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