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  1. lindhartsen

    Is Microsoft ever going to attempt a redesign or revamp of their primary Surface devices? Excluding the X, it seems we're in endless cycles of slow iterations with internal improvements at best.

  2. jnbck

    I saw Intune dropped support for IE 11. Do you think even though MSFT hasn't announce an end date for IE that they will slowly kill it through incompatibilities?

  3. mmcpher

    Seeing rumors of the Samsung Galaxy Fold 3 including stylus support. For the insanity segment, any chance that Microsoft will make up for the Surface Laptop 4 Bummerooski by getting back and bold in the multiple screen market this year? Any intent or plans on a Surface Studio 3 with actual competitive specs (or a Surface Studio monitor)?

  4. rubbb3rduck

    Hi Brad, how are you?

    About the Nuance acquisition, just a small hint as to their past/origins. You should check out the story of Lernout & Hauspie. They were rather big in late 80s and begin 90s when they developed speech integretion for PC's. They originate from my home town (Ypres, Belgium). They went bankrupt and the tech got bought by scansoft which became Nuance.

    Now my question, will the Nuance tech be used in Cortana 2.0 so to say? 2.0 being the integration in all msft apps.

  5. mrpki

    It seems like the Surface line has so many models, it is hard to determine which model to choose. Am I the only one getting confused? Have you tried out the new Surface Laptop Go? It seems to be a great replacement for consumers that used to have the old Surface 3s that have died out.

  6. a_seeker

    Any idea when the Intel NUC 11 Pro kits will be available and best place to buy one?

  7. sydney2k

    Hello Brad,

    in the spirit of MrPKI, I thought I'd throw you a fun question. With the news of the Surface Laptop 4 this week, I'd like to ask you what you think would come out if the Xbox design team designed a Surface device? What would it look like, what would be inside the device (or devices), and how would it perform. It doesn't have to be specifically gaming-orientated, I'm thinking of the design philosophy. I'm thinking, instead of a Surface RT, we got a Surface GT.

  8. averroda

    Hey Brad,

    Hear any insights from the Xbox team about when they will catch up to demand for the Series x? This semiconductor shortage seems to really be messing with new console sales.

  9. jay wolf

    Hey Brad. Hope you're doing well.

    Any idea whats what kind of collaboration Microsoft and Nintendo have cooking up, if the recent rumors are to believed?

    Also, Microsofts chances to buy SquareEnix ?

  10. Usman

    What would be Microsoft's role with AR? Do they want to be 'the iPhone / android' of the AR headset world?

    There are the usual op-eds that say 'this is Microsoft's game to lose' but this all seems to be from a hardware first perspective, as they omit the cross-platform dev tools and Microsoft mesh.

    With the IVAS contract being more than double the revenue of the Pentagon JEDI contract, how big is the focus is continuing to be competitive with Hololens in the future?

    Or would they be content with providing cross-platform services like Microsoft Mesh while letting other OEM's and competitors (Apple/Google) making headsets instead?

  11. Tourniquet

    Hey Brad, I've got two questions for you:

    1) How does the Laptop 4 compare in terms of performance and especially in terms of graphics performance to the SB3?

    2) Did you hear anything about a SB4? How are the chances that it will also offer a replaceable SSD? Can we expect any major changes for the SB4?

  12. Pulagatha

    Over the years, Apple has brought a few third party services into their ecosystem. With third party applications such as everything made by Stardock, ObjectDock being the most notable, and ShareX which is essentially a Clipboard app, that Microsoft could easily buy, and the fact they have bought a few game studios, Do you think Microsoft might buy some of these companies? Possibly go back to OneClip instead of Clipboard History? Or make a dock like... I don't know... Nexus Dock, ObjectDock, or RocketDock?