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  1. jnbck

    Will the Microsoft Authenticator feature of being able to store passwords be enough to replace a full-fledged password manager such as LastPass or 1Password?

  2. anoldamigauser

    How different is driving the Tesla? How aggressive are some of the electronic nannies?

    I ask because I was behind a Model Y on a windy country road, in a sports car. The Tesla had temporary tags, which makes me think the driver was not very familiar with it, but clearly s/he was struggling. It went from being truly annoying to hilarious, as the driver could not maintain speed, or stay in the lane, especially near walls and rock cliffs very near the road. A spectacular display of bad driving.

    Of course, the temporary tags were from New Jersey, which could explain it as well.

  3. brothernod

    Podcast question: is the only way to get identical video quality between you and Paul to have him record locally and you stitch it together in post?

    Windows Question: Will Panos succeed in making Windows exciting and pretty? Is that his goal, to make it as cohesive as OS X is?

  4. shark47

    Given some of the moves Microsoft is making in gaming, do you think they shut down Mixer prematurely?

  5. mrpki

    Back in the game with a fun question: When are you and Paul going to create a First Ring Daily channel in Discord? Is there a chance that Microsoft may try to use Discord to replace Yammer in the enterprise?

  6. zstorm619

    Hey, Zero here. My question is about the Third Generations (the 3s). Do you have any information about

    Surface Studio 3 & Xbox Elite Series 3?

  7. brothernod

    Another quick question: Have you ever tried to go completely passwordless with your Microsoft account? Using their app for signing in to windows and Xbox and Microsoft websites?

  8. globexco

    I just wanted to let you know I'm the one person who misses the "shake window to minimize all others" feature.

    What is a product or feature Microsoft abandoned that you miss?

    And onto my real question. Snip and Sketch is...adequate at best. Why doesn't Microsoft build a meaningfully robust screenshot tool natively like Snagit? This is a wildly popular software in the corporate world as far as I'm aware. I was thinking about this when I realized how much better Samsung phones are at screenshot manipulation and recording than stock android.

  9. madthinus

    Firstly, Happy Easter. Three things:

    Do we have a window yet for the coming out party for Windows 10 21H2? Do you think they will make a song and dance about it or is the little promo Twitter / Instagram videos from Panos it?

    This week saw another bad Xbox Katako story only to be pulled later. Why is everyone so quick to through Xbox under the bus?

    Will you buy an Xbox Mini fridge?

  10. Tourniquet

    Hey Brad, I was wondering did you compare the Xbox Headset with the Surface Headset? I currently use the Surface Headset (via cable) connected to my Xbox Controller and wanted to know if the Xbox Headset would be better or worse in terms of sound quality.

    2) Do you have any more insights into Hololens codename "Hanami"? said it should be something like Hololens 2.5?

    3) Are there any news regarding project Latte the Android Subsystem for Windows?

  11. yoshi

    Not so much a question - but I just saw that MLB The Show 2021 will be on Game Pass day 1. How wild is this? I never would have guessed that one.