Questions for 4/20?


Any questions for the show? Drop them here!

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  1. Bart

    Do you expect Teams to come to consumer versions of Office365? Or a similar offering?

  2. simont

    Is there a cheap way to run my personal domain on now that they have removed the personal hosting for new sign ups?

  3. hrlngrv

    IIRC, MSFT Band wasn't based on Windows. Did the Band help convince MSFT that Windows was just too big for some things?

    Also, what do you think will be the first MSFT-branded device using Azure Sphere?

  4. Michael Suchecki

    When will Thurrott mugs be available again? I’ve really been meaning to get my hands on one but every time I’ve checked for the past few months they’ve been out of stock!

  5. Peter klobčič

    In my last windows upgrade i got an extra partition on my ssd it shows as full and windows explorer shows nothing in it. Has anyone experienced that nad how did you get rid of extra partition. disk management tool does not allow to delit it.