Questions for 4 23?


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    Since it's all the rage, what is your opinion of FLoC, and without it or cookies, can firefox/opera, etc still compete?

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    Getting back into everyone's closing question of the week! Do you think we are headed all the tier 1 games being exclusive for the newer consoles like Battlefield 6?

    Out of curiosity, does Paul Thurrott ever watch or listen to the SAMS Report? No BS! :-)

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    What’s going on with the Surface Hub? Is it a good product for a Teams focused workgroup? Is Microsoft still developing it and are there major upgrades on the horizon? Considering an 85”.

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    Amazon Luna and Google Stadia both came out with WiFi controllers for their streaming game services. The goal with these are to reduce latency for gaming by bypassing the device as a middle connection to the internet. What are your thoughts on the effectiveness of those and does Xbox need to do that to take the next step to address that last 10% of performance and potentially to make xCloud work on TV/streaming devices?

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    Do you think that Windows 10X will run on ARM? What is the possibility of a 10X based Surface Duo?

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    Do you have any insights or best guesses as to when we might see a Surface Studio 3 and if so, what do you expect it to look like in terms of specs and features?

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    I remember you complaining about the previous AMD based surface which had an issue with the screen brightness where it could not be adjusted, has this been fixed in this year's version of the device?

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    Hey Brad :)

    1) Now that Zac leaked the plans for the new Store, one thing that seemed to be missing from that is Project Latte? Do you know if Microsoft plans to put Android Apps into the store? or do they want to use those Apps in a different way somehow?

    2) Microsoft seems desperate to get back into the consumer space. Now that the Discord deal is failed, what do you think will be their next target? Or do they have a "plan b" to create some new app similar to what they did with their Teams app?

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    What are those controllers you have on your iPhone in your Xbox on iOS video? Do you like them, are they good?

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