Questions for 4/26?


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  1. michaelmartinez

    In Amazon's quarter, they announced that AWS is roughly 13% of the company and its earnings. I know Microsoft is slightly more complex with how they convey numbers. If you had to guess, what percentage of Microsoft is now Azure?

  2. drunken geit

    whats your thoughts on the strong nintendo switch sales? also favorite nintendo console and game on said system?

  3. ponsaelius

    Will Cortana skills on Alexa ever be made available outside the USA?

  4. Rycott

    Any more news on the second gen Xbox Elite Controller? I want to buy one but have been waiting for the second gen one hoping they fix some of the issues the first one had a.k.a peeling grips.

  5. deltaprime

    With Microsoft testing Xbox games running on Windows 10 earlier this in the Window Insider program with State of Decay, it seems to point towards the long rumoured Windows 10 PCs becoming Xboxs in the future. Do you believe Microsoft would allow all compatible Xbox games to run on Windows 10 or only a subset due to licensing like with Xbox backwards compatibility?

  6. AnOldAmigaUser

    Does Edge beta change your thinking regarding what Windows Lite will be like from a maintenance perspective? A few weeks back you indicated that it was likely more Windows like than Chromebook like.

  7. SilentHero117

    Shortly after watching the launch event of the Surface Hub 2S, I am reminded of how the Surface team has set the bar real high on a hardware level. I can't help but wonder if they have any influence or insight on the development of Windows to ensure it complement their vision? It would seem obvious with the growth of that division that it could certainly command this attention.

  8. felipe.costa09

    Brad, Do you think we’ll see Game Core at E3 this year?

    Also, do you think that Microsoft will show Xbox Anaconda running WCOS at E3?

  9. gamezone

    Do you think Gamepass on PC will have as many games as Gamepass on Xbox? Should we be expecting identical libraries trough console and PC when it comes to Gamepass?

  10. MrPKI

    What will be the official name for the new Chromium based Edge browser? It looks like someone already took MJF name:

  11. thespecificocean

    Should "Lite" be free? I feel that one of the reasons that Linux has gained so much popularity recently has been the growth of small affordable single board type computers which broadens the scope of computing for many people. A free version of "Lite" could satisfy young developers and as well as avid tinkerers who just need something that can be easily installed on an SD card and popped into a Raspberry Pi (or other SBC) for experimentation.