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  1. Dan1986ist

    Why is Microsoft putting out so many RS5 builds to those in skip ahead while those who are running 17134 are still waiting again for a release to everyone, pending any issues?

    • wright_is

      In reply to Dan1986ist:

      That is normal. The team doing RS5 are still working. The team doing RS4 release are probably (hopefully) busy trying to sort out the crashing problem that stopped the 1803 release.

      Different teams work on different projects / releases. This is SOP. If the problem was really major (needing a complete Kernel rewrite, for example), I could see the RS5 team dropping tools and helping the RS4 team out, but if it is "just" a bug somewhere that is causing a hold-up in the RS4 release, they won't pull the RS5 team off the work they are doing.

  2. T182

    Do you think MS is panicking internally to get 1803 out, or they kind of like 'meh, we'll ship it when we ship it'

  3. Jhambi

    Will Windows Lean be able to play full fledged games ? What do you think about it ?

  4. Rafael Rivera

    How many tots can you fit into your mouth at once?

  5. EZAB

    All I hear about is RS5 Builds and no one wants to talk about RS4 1803. It seems like RS4 is an after thought and RS5 1809 is going to be the "Big One" this fall. (Especially with the possibility of Andromeda plus RS5). Do you agree?

  6. Bdsrev

    Brad have you heard anything about the UWP File Explorer?

    Also, do you have a Nintendo Switch? Do you think Microsoft should make their own version of the Switch?

  7. Peter klobčič

    can we expect any hardware announcements at build? Spec update, new devices, etc?

  8. Tourniquet

    1. Did Microsoft change the codename from Redstone 5 to 18H2? I thought they were going to switch to the new scheme after RS5 is done.

    Rich Turner mentioned it on Twitter:

    2. Do you think Microsoft could release a Nintendo Switch like device at some point? Now that gaming is more important to Microsoft nothing should be off the table.

  9. Aras

    Discuss in detail what shortcomings are seen in Edge. I have been experimenting with it and find it acceptable at this point. I assume I am not a power user and it does have its annoyances but so does Chrome. It's definitely improved.