Questions for 4 30?


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  1. jnbck

    Hello Brad -

    If I get this in before MrPKI, feel free to read his last.

    Are there any announcements you are looking forward to at Build? What will be new and exciting in MSFT dev world?

  2. srrlx1986

    Can I use the browser on an Xbox One S to access Xcloud?

  3. ingi0m4rx

    Any news on the Surface Duo 2? Is it still coming this year?

    And is the Surface Neo really canceled? ☹️

  4. eternal shaddai

    Between years 2017-2018, Phil stated that “Windows is something I’m very committed to, I’ve heard the feedback about our Store. I’m going to take a bigger leadership role on what’s going on with the Windows Store, make it really tailored to the gamers that we know want to see the best from what we have to offer.” If Game Pass is already out to customers and now on PC, How can MS improve their Store now that Game Pass is so successful and MS Store is not as attractive compared to Steam or Epic Store? Doesn't that makes the Microsoft Store obsolete. The second question, Please explain about Microsoft will cut its charges for developers from 30% to 12% who publishers games online store starting in August.

  5. akubert

    Hey Brad, I’m looking at purchasing a Surface Pro 7+ or a Lenovo X12 tablet. Do you have any thoughts on which tablet might be best for mid-level business use?

    Also, what sort of changes do you see with a Surface Pro refresh this Fall? Major design changes? Or, continued minor updates/changes?

  6. mooncakes

    Hey Brad,

    I was thinking could you ever see MS start their own chip making like Apple with the M1 chip? They have so many products that could make it worth while. We could see a MS1 chip powering Surface, Azure, Xbox, AR | VR and their Duo phone lineup. They could even licence it out to Dell to make laptops and what not, what are your thoughts!


  7. mrpki

    Save mine for last as per jnbck's orders! ;-)

    Listening to the First Ring Daily, it starting to sound like XCloud on mobile devices is almost useless if you use touch controls. Is XCloud on a phone pretty much a bust or will it actually improve? And the ending question that everyone loves: do you see Halo Infinite being even playable on a Android or iPhone using XCloud?