Questions for 4/5?


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  1. torchatlas

    Do you think that Santorini/Windows Lite will eventually replace legacy/current-day Windows 10?

  2. John Buck

    How do you think Microsoft will monetize Project xCloud?

  3. brendan_hallett

    With Windows Lite primarily being built for UWP and PWA. With Win32 support being possiible through some sort of emulation/sandboxing. What will it use for a brower given the new Edge browser with Chrome support will likely be built on older windows tech.

    If it uses the new edge browser will that be via some emulation layer, but wouldn't that be too slow?

  4. Pierre Masse

    Is there any new rumors or insides about the eventual Microsoft 365 for consumers? Are you sure it will ever exist?

  5. rossfinnie

    Do you think Steam has a role to play in next gen gaming or are they out of the running?

  6. Vladimir Carli

    Do you think that in the future all computing (productivity and gaming) will be streamed from the cloud? How long will it take? Is this what Windows lite is aimed at?

  7. martinusv2

    What is Gamepass Ultimate?

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