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  1. xperiencewindows

    When can we expect to see a solution to the spam on this site?

    • Brad Sams

      In reply to xperiencewindows:

      We turned off social postings which helped of right now, the spammers are bypassing captcha to create accounts.

      Options like adding captcha can help but it makes posting a PITA for every non-spammer...the posters actually look to be real humans based on their posting styles of writing a comment about the post itself, then spamming a link.

      • stevenlack

        In reply to brad-sams:

        Hey Brad,

        I've brought this up multiple times already, but I really think you should try Clean Talk. I've used in tons of WordPress backends with no spam getting through, even without captcha on.

        It truly is the best and must-have tool for me.

        It's extremely cheap, I believe $20/year for 3 sites. I have a spare license on one of mine I can either give or lend if you want to pass this along to whoever looks after this. I just want to help you guys out! You literally will lose nothing by this.

  2. Usman

    Long Post, a few points to touch on

    Is there any word about a higher wattage Surface Book 2 charger, running mixed reality on the 15 inch is draining battery.

    If you ever get the chance, could you ask them what in the world were they thinking. It's meant to be the ultimate laptop, for £2500+ its not reasonable for this to be a "special use case" when they outright advertised a GTX 1060 and Mixed Reality in their marketing.

    Secondly, do you have any additional information about HoloLens v2/v3 with regards to what Windows Central announced?

    Thirdly, is Microsoft's lack of a great consumer service going to hurt them in the enterprise, I say this because If you look at Amazon or Google, they have services that are the number one service in their industry, Amazon also hosts Netflix and runs Twitch. Google is the most visited website and runs YouTube and Gmail which is the internet for most people. I've seen developers discredit Azure completely because Microsoft just doesn't have any consumer clout like Google or cloud customers like Amazon. Is that something that's going to bite them in the long run.

    There's already that trend where many journalists and analysts are discrediting Microsoft or outright leaving them from any discussion, wouldn't that have to do with those people just not using Microsoft services and products and isn't that a problem for them in the long run?

    Lastly is there any drama between Thurrott and Win Central, I mean Tom Warrens on that list but you guys tend to break stories before him more often these days.

  3. jlv632

    In the market for an IPad Pro and I find my limit of Office licenses stretched at the moment.

    Is the 10 inch screen rule still in play as the limit for Free Office Apps?

    If so, am I better off skipping the current 12 and 10 inch models and buy the 9.7" iPad pro that came out? Does that loophole work?

  4. Kudupa

    Im not sure if the show is already done but had a question about Google's photo AI?

    How's Google doing its AI backed photo thing? it needs lots of data to be fed into its AI to work really good. Where is it getting data from? Internet or Google Photos? Im no using my tin foil hat but just rather curious.

  5. adamcorbally

    Microsofts new strategy is based on subscription services, the only problem with that model is that Google offers similar products for free, many of which are better or rapidly improving (especially in the consumer space) How do they hope to address this?

    Q2) do you think Microsoft should make an edge book thin client like chrome OS? A better name may be an office book that is designed to focus people on ms services?

  6. Tourniquet

    I heard Paul was saying that the reorg already effects some plans for Redstone 5 that some things are already cancelled. Do you have some more insights?

  7. Lewk

    What do you think of the new Twitter PWA?

  8. marmantrout

    I saw something on twitter about some announcements at build any idea what those are ?