Questions for 4/8?


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  1. anoldamigauser

    What are your current thoughts regarding the Surface Pro X, and the Surface Duo/Duo2? Do you still use either device?

    On a somewhat related note, will Start11 work on WoA?

  2. thejoefin

    Have you tried out the new OOBE app Microsoft Journal? Thoughts on MS making another app "inbox"?

  3. Migui

    Two question: How is the Activision adquisition process?, And do you think that the work environment on Microsoft (particularly Xbox division) is in a good state? This week I have read that there are some problems on the development team of state of decay...... is your puppy?, I want more Twitter pics of the second star of the show!!!!!

  4. ngc224

    Is Microsoft going to have a spring Surface event?

  5. matobehr

    Any truth to the notion that Microsoft paid to have chip priority?

    I work retail so it makes sense to me as my store recently received almost a dozen Series X units very shortly after an internal memo notifying that they were to be sold upon receipt, no holding them for a specific date.

  6. alsorun

    I keep hearing about "Windows 11 is not ready for business" on Podcasts on this website. But Microsoft just upgraded 190,000 of its own devices to Windows 11. Does Microsoft not count as a business?

  7. mrpki

    Hi Brad - I am wondering with all the new Windows 11 features coming out, do they still support running the legacy Zune application so we can listen to the SAMS report on our new systems for many years to come?

    Another question, do you have any idea if the new Windows 11 personal data encryption is the same as the Windows encrypting file system or is this a completely new or additional file encryption mechanism being introduced?

  8. willr

    Hey Brad, I heard that soon Microsoft is putting out a "silent revision" of the Series X where the chip will be made on TSMC's 6nm node and it might have a slightly smaller cooler and power supply because of the improved chip. Is this true? P.S. Star11 is awesome!

  9. brumfondl

    (It is pronounced Broomfondle :D) Hi there - Do you know of, or are you possibly working on - because I do have Start 11 - a solution to Windows 11 not allowing you to always show all taskbar corner icons? I work on large monitors and have always had it set to show all the icons as I have the screen realestate. Now, if any of the programs get updated I end up seeing the carat icon for no good reason :(

  10. david.thunderbird

    Why is the sky azure blue?

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