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  1. jnbck

    Have you heard if there has been a big move of exchange servers off-prem since Hafnium?

  2. bishbash93

    Bang & Olufsen Beoplay Portals - what do you think?

    I'm hoping they release an update to enable simultaneous Bluetooth & Xbox Wireless like the Xbox Wireless Headset. Regardless, I'm returning the Xbox headset in favour of the Portals due how bass-heavy & muddy the Xbox ones are, despite their amazing a value proposition.

  3. helix2301

    Where do you see teams for family going? Where do you see the office365 for consumer going? I want to use teams for family but issue is everyone we know on discord or whatsapp. I was trying to get my wife putting everything in teams her additude like why not just use Google calendar like we have used for years it just works.

  4. rossfinnie

    When we can travel internationally again .... where is the first place you would go to?

  5. Usman

    Why does Gamepass PC use Windows Store games / MSIX packaged games instead of regular .exe that are found on other stores. EA Play on PC uses regular exe games. Microsoft does sell their games as regular .exe on steam, I don't know why they keep pushing the MSIX wrapper for PC Gamepass.

    This is quite an issue as the games can't be modded or have third party patches that improve games. Digital foundry posted a video on this. People thought the Game Pass PC versions of Nier and Evil Within are better than the steam version, but it turns they're the same, but you can't even apply launch overrides.

  6. sydney2k

    Hello Brad,

    my employer used to be a part of the Home Use program, and I used to be able to purchase a copy of Office at a wildly discounted price. Two years ago though my employer quit the program, much to my dismay. I understand that Office 360 subscriptions can now be got under the Home Use program.

    My question is, is there any way to get Office 360 subscriptions at a discounted price, similar to how Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscriptions works? Also, is it worth subscribing to Office 360 purely for the extra OneDrive space?


  7. bishbash93

    Surface Earbuds 2 - any noise? Maybe around Surface Duo 2 timeframe?

  8. bishbash93

    Are there any downsides to switching to 64bit OneDrive from 32bit?

    Going further, are there any downsides to 64bit vs 32bit in general (i.e. Windows, Apps, etc) for that matter?

  9. delta_actual_75

    Any recommendations for Windows laptops?

  10. Pulagatha

    Microsoft is changing the icons in File Explorer, do you think they will change the layout as well? When do you think rounded corners will appear in Windows?

  11. yoshi

    I saw some rumblings on a possible Xbox/Kojima partnership. What are your thoughts on that possibility?

  12. ngc224

    Any chance of a “Zeta” Developer’s Edition at Build? It seems it would help with the fall launch.

  13. will

    Any news on an update to the Surface Studio and a Surface Book design update?

  14. tripleplayed

    Will Xbox Game Streaming ever include purchased games outside of Game Pass?

  15. mrpki

    Do you think Windows 10X will support any games to be played on the new platform? Will xCloud games be possible if Windows 10X is in "S" mode?

  16. mrpki

    XBox has acquired a large number of game studios. When are we going to see any new or exclusive titles?

  17. Kudupa

    Hi Brad, I have a very simple question... When is the next Surface event & are they going to refresh Surface Pro & Laptop?

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