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  1. DaQuantumFro

    Two questions: 1. Should Microsoft split the Windows and Devices group off? 2. Given how much has been said about both the PC's decline and Microsoft being an enterprise company what is left for consumers?

  2. mercblue281

    Do you or Paul have an HDHomerun PRIME to utilize and share with your readers? SiliconDust and MSFT have enabled viewing DRM locked live tv in the Creators Update. Your readers will probably be interested in this...

    As an old time Media Center user - looking to see if they can enable recording with this. In the meantime its a working solution for pushing your tv package to Xbox One and windows 10. Super pumped using this now.

  3. goodbar

    For Paul's OnePlus 3T reviews, I read he considered using the Google Now launcher, but decided on the stock OnePlus 3T interface with OnePlus 3T specific customizations.  I am curious if he considered using the Arrow Launcher?  If so, does it fall behind the Google Now launcher?

  4. agizmo

    Not a question, but definitely something to talk about

  5. MrPKI

    Do you think the XBox Scorpio specs are adequate for DVR capability or will it be a completely dedicated high end gaming machine? Is Tivo the only solution looking forward?

  6. habsfan

    There has been a lot of talk about MS apps on Android devices. Wouldn't it be just as advantageous to allow Android apps back on Windows devices? It definitely would make for an easier decision to buy a windows tablet/laptop instead of an Android tablet.


  7. ponsaelius

    Microsoft have always had a problem with mobile on a global scale by mostly introducing features as US Only. They also dont really have any mobile hardware. So we have seen the Galaxy S6 Microsoft Edition.

    Is it time for the Nokia 6 Microsoft Edition to introduce the world to Microsoft mobile products?

  8. Peter klobčič

    Paul just wrote an article of how android is the future of windows mobile, what are your thouts on:

    -android sideboot to WOA - so a mobile pc would run android when in mobile and windows when docked(to have the best of both)

    -my problem with andorid is that it gets slow after some time, like windows does

    -the only challenge i see is sharing files between android and WOA

    -For me ideal would be to have my programs, whole user files,.... saved on my phone so i can carry it around

    -another thing that would be interesting thing is to use any computer as a docking station

  9. Averroda

    Before I ask any questions I just wanted to say sorry to hear about your dog. It always sucks when you lose a loved pet like that!

    Question 1: With W10 on ARM coming this fall and rumors that a surface phone not entering the mix this year, what are the olds that HP, Dell and Lenovo will release full windows "phone" devices. We know that HP is already kind of in this mix with the Elite X3 and rumored to have another prototype phone, but what about other PC manufactures getting in on the mix?

    Question 2: This goes along with the phone idea. With the rumored release of Windows 10 Cloud presumably for education, what are the odds that it will be an option to run on phones as well? Would it be considered more light weight than W10 Home or Pro? I'm thinking if it is then maybe this would be a good choice for W10 on ARM. Could be a nice replacement to W10M.

  10. Kudupa

    Brad, do you have any idea on what happened to Microsofts Miracast initiatives? They released 2 gen of dongles then it's abandoned. Also, what happened to stick PCs no movement on that front too. It's like MS starts new hardware then retreats after few trys.

  11. Tourniquet

    What happened to the Xbox One Wireless Display App? Is it still in beta? Is it still coming?

    I was under the impression it would be released with RS1 just like the connect app for Desktops.