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  1. michaelmartinez

    Looking at the Creators Update, new features like Books in the store and 3D Paint already play into the hands of the education market. What additional features do you believe will be in Windows 10 Cloud to get the education market on board?

  2. TheITGuy

    Do you think that the Insider Program has made Microsoft almost too approachable, in the sense fans seem to forget that Microsoft is a multinational corporation that works for it's own interests. This seems especially prevalent in Win10 Mobile fans who take Microsoft's moves to kill the platform as personal slights against them.

  3. dnation70

    what is a beamMachine dona and them talking about presenting next week

  4. gjsmyth

    does Surface Studio change to tablet mode automatically when you fold it down flat?

  5. gjsmyth

    what's your take on this new forked Win10 branch that W10M insider releases are on? Is this maintenance mode for W10M?

  6. gjsmyth

    what comes after rs3? RS4 or new codename?

  7. ponsaelius

    With the upcoming third reboot of WIndows Mobile (phone) isnt the app gap going to continue with no developer interest in UWP and probably less developer interest with Windowsphone being closed down?

  8. Detective Polarphant

    Maybe Windows 10 Cloud Education would make sense if Microsoft made devices locked down to store apps that could later be upgraded to Windows 10 Pro for individual students. This would give Microsoft an advantage over Chromebooks, plus they could offer the cloud version to OEMs for virtually free and still make money if schools upgraded to Pro. If would also mean the computers could serve students for longer ?

  9. Detective Polarphant

    There's an interesting new Porsche Design uber expensive 2 in 1 up for pre-order in the Windows looks like the Surface idea has really improved the PC market ?

  10. Chris Blair

    Do you know if Microsoft is planning major updates/fixes to File Explorer and OneDrive in RS3? I understand that Placeholders are returning. That's good. But one other issue that I think needs fixing is path length. Currently, File Explorer and OneDrive are stuck at about 260 characters. Developers, enterprises, and plain old users like me who like descriptive file names often bump into the current path length limit of File Explorer and OneDrive. Our friends on Macs and that use DropBox, are provided with much higher path character length limits. In my view, Microsoft needs to address this issue to keep up with the competition. What do you think?

  11. Chris Blair

    One more small thing. It was easy for me to find where to submit questions for the Sams Report. But I have not yet discovered how to do this for your podcast with Paul, First Ring Daily. Can you help? Thanks.