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  1. Dan1986ist

    What are your thoughts on Microsoft introducing a new feature in Insider builds for one group but not the rest of those running those same builds?

  2. hrlngrv

    Should we all pitch in to buy Nadella a book on speaking concisely?

    Would it help? Nadella is a cricket fan, and test matches can last for days. Maybe he just has a different perspective on time.

  3. Biswajit Deb

    Ideally, I'd wait for a Surface Book 3 with Intel's Ice Lake and Nvidia's GTX 11 series chips. But I'm guessing that's not coming until end of 2019 (thanks Intel!).

    In the meantime, any news on a 2018 Surface Pro? I'd happily take that if it had a 13.5 inch option.

    Also, would you agree with me that any 2018 hardware would very likely include that new magnetic USB-C based Surface Connector like in those patents last summer?

    Would be cool if you could charge and dock not just your Surface Pro, Laptop, and Book, but also your Andromeda device to a full workstation setup...that device has to have at least a USB-C port after all and it would be very stupid not to make it a Continuum featured machine. They'd need to have fixed the connector's USB 2.0 speeds that the patents mentioned though.

  4. Biswajit Deb

    Microsoft is planning on make the UWP Onenote app the default/only Onenote eventually, over the standard desktop version.

    Assuming they keep adding features to close the gap, and that they add Fluent Design's new compact mode for extra command density on the desktop, it makes sense this the same thing Microsoft is planning with the other Office apps (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher, etc, etc).

    When do you reckon they'll start on the other Office apps, and why do you think they've only announced this for Onenote first? Is Onenote is the 'simplest' and 'least risky' app to start nudging the transition?

  5. Sprtfan

    While Starbucks was talking about their new PWA app, they mentioned that desktop users are ordering at about the same rate as mobile users. I was really surprised by this and expected it to be much lower and was curious what your thoughts were?

  6. Tourniquet

    So now that Build is over, could you get any more infos about Andromeda / WCOS?

    How is Vail supposed to be working on WCOS? In the latest Insider Release we can see "DeployCentennialAppsOnWCOSWithVAILProxy" but how does it work? Does WCOS ship with a win32 subsystem?

    Do you have any info if Microsoft is going to backtrack on "Cloud only" for OneNote? With the 2016 Version you can have your journal only on you PC not could synced that is not possible with the UWP version.

    I've got the feeling Microsoft now wants to position itself to be more about privacy (Your Phone doesn't need Cloud), so how are the chances for a UWP OneNote without Cloud only stuff?

  7. Jules Wombat

    Why do you, Paul and Mary Jo go to Build ?

    It seems that you become typically rather bored and disappointed every time and there was very little content reported back on this site from this years Build.

    Google IO keynote got more content and attention here than Build.

    • Brad Sams

      In reply to Jules_Wombat:

      This got posted after i did the podcast...will try to answer it on FRD today.

      • Jules Wombat

        In reply to brad-sams:

        OK, would be really interested in what value physically going to these events really achieves. I guess a lot of networking behind the scenes, if you are able to network effectively.

        From the pod cost, it would seem you do value those bit of items have picked up from attending, but its still a big ask to sit through all that keynote, with little I the way of real announcements. A year ago, Staya said Quantum compute along with AI and AR/VR was the next big waves. But this year he never mentioned anything about Microsoft Quantum compute.