Questions for 5 14?


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  1. srrlx1986

    How much money did Microsoft put into development of Windows 10x? Will it be written off as a loss.

  2. mrpki

    I see Microsoft has a new Security Unlocked: CISO series podcast. Are you listening to that one and is it any good?

    No BS please!

  3. psychoker

    Hey Brad hope you are doing well,

    So i saw in my thurrott daily mail today , that MS let us try Project Moca. Do you think that there will be a One App/Plattform to rule them all , like everthing combined Office 365 / One Drive / To Do / Sticky Notes etc ?

    And will they release an App for Android , because that could be a journal like app for the Duo.

    Have a great day ✌

  4. psychoker

    Sorry i forgot to ask , do you know something about the Snapdragon 7c , i am waiting for the Samsung Galaxy Book Go ?

    Tnaks ✌

  5. psychoker

    And another one , the last one i promise, sorry , i cant edit my post ,

    Do you think with putting Windows 10X on hold/ice , will they try to make an Edge OS , or are they trying to make windows 10 lighter ?

    Will they push Windows 10 on Arm more ?

  6. Usman

    Looking forward to being one of the 5 Ohioans that win a million dollars in the vaccine lottery?

  7. brothernod

    Did you ever believe in the vision and potential success of the Microsoft Courier? If so, now that it seems technically possible, how cheap would it have to be to be a success? (Obviously I’m eyeing those $600 Surface Duo’s)

  8. jnbck

    Hi Brad -

    I have a password manager question for you. I have been a paying LastPass customer for many years and think it is very good overall.

    The only automation I can't seem to get past is when a site has you put in your password, and then answer a ridiculous question (mother's maiden name etc). There isn't a place in LastPass to make it autofill these answers. Do you know a password manager that has that functionality?