Questions for 5/24?


Questions for the show tomorrow? Drop them here.

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    Have the improvements in Microsoft Teams in the last year tempted you guys into try it again, or has that ship sailed?

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    Do you think that the new Microsoft Edge will be the new attempt for Microsoft to get back into the consumer market with lower end devices/tablets running Edgium and would windows become more for enterprises/businesses users? Also will Microsoft have any new exclusives shown at E3 this year for this console generation or will all the new exclusives be held for the next generation consoles? Lastly, is the disc to digital program still happening for Xbox that was mentioned a while back?

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    Given the recent $100 price cut on the Surface Headphones, do you believe they are preparing for a Gen 2 pair or ceding the this market in favor of the rumored earbuds?

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    Will Microsoft ever make a wearable breathalyzer for drunks like Paul?

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    Hi Brad!

    Do you have any scoops or news regarding the status of windows lite and it's related hardware?

    If an announcement is not happening this fall, how are partners going to release third party devices this year?

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    Has Windows on ARM lost steam? It wasn't mentioned at Build and haven't seen any mentions of it in the press either.

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    A while back Paul said you had seen the Elite Controller V2. Did the version you saw have the rubber grips like on the first Elite Controller that tend to fall off after a month or two of gameplay?

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