Questions for 5/25?


Questions for the show tomorrow? Drop them here!

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  1. MrPKI

    I cannot resist posting this one - will Microsoft's latest foray into AI include characters in console gaming in the future as your opponents or team members when you need assistance in a current quest?

  2. mmcpher

    1) Really impressed with the next iteration of Surface Hub. Anything similar going on or on the boards for Surface Studio? Maybe I will never be able to afford a Hub but if they could reach out to a broader market. . . .

    2) Andomeda -- I am interested and hopeful something will make it to market. When you guys discuss or think about Andromeda, do you orient yourselves to the other potential players in the sub-market? It's hard not to be jaundiced about an Andromeda-type device when you think about it in context of Microsoft's dismal experiences and performance with Windows Phone/Mobile. Does your thinking change when you instead envision that type of product developed, released and promoted by Samsung or Apple?

    (A former colleague had a snappy reply whenever anyone asked for questions: "I have two questions -- Do you suck? Or what?")

  3. harmjr

    Do you think they will refresh the surface studio? Any guess as to when?

  4. Asdfasdf3

    have you heard any roadmap plans for calendar and to-do, and if andromeda has anything to do with time management

  5. pecosbob04

    What have you done with Medhi?

  6. Peter klobčič

    I was just reading that in smart speakers google outsold the amazon in unit numbers, apple being almost non-existent. Do you think that apple will join Microsoft and Amazon in cross assistants integration.

  7. Lewk

    Last year the OneDrive team announced it was refreshing the UI for iOS, android, Windows UWP and the Web. It did so within the month following on iOS, android and the web. But to this day, still has not updated the UWP version which is beyond terrible to use. Do you know if they're still going to update the UWP version? I use a Surface Pro 3 in tablet mode and having a touch based UI that works would be sublime, as the current file explorer integration is impossible to use with fingers.

  8. team56th

    Do you think that the "demotion" of Windows unit alleviated the pressure to add something new to Windows 10? This seems to be the running theme with both RS4 and RS5, less new functions and much longer stabilization period, with highly improved stability.