Questions for 5/3?


Questions for the podcast tomorrow?

Drop them here.

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  1. SeattleMike

    Hi Brad, What are you most looking forward to learning more about at Build?

  2. gamezone

    Does it make sense for Microsoft to release their games on Steam when they are hard at work on a new store experience on PC? I think the PC release of Halo MCC would be a great way for them to show off their upcoming store, but they didn't.

  3. MrPKI

    What are you most looking forward to seeing at E3 even if you are not attending?

  4. truestar86

    Hi Brad,

    Could you please enlighten us on a possible acquisition of Crytek Studios by Xbox? To be confirmed at this E3 2019. Heard it's happening and Ryse 2 could as well be happening someday if the rumor acquisition is true.

  5. deuscriolo

    Hey Sams do you think xcloud will be free for xbox gold and gamepass subscribers. AKA Game Pass Ultimate? Thank You.

  6. brothernod

    What’s your favorite daily drinking scotch? What’s your favorite special occasions scotch?

    PS4 was 30% more powerful than XB1 (1.3 vs 1.0 tflops)

    X1X is 50% more powerful than PS4Pro (6 vs 4 tflops)

    Microsoft claims then want Anaconda to be the fastest console. Can we expect differences of this magnitude or will it barely be faster than PS5?

  7. Brett Barbier

    When do you expect registration for Ignite to open up, and do you have any hotel recommendations for Orlando for Ignite this year?

    Microsoft Ignite

    November 4-8, 2019

    Orange County Convention Center | Orlando, FL

  8. sydney2k

    Hello Brad,

    given that E3 is the biggest event on the North American gaming calendar, it would make sense that Goo0gle would be there to promote Stadia. What chances are there that Google may try to pull the rug under Microsoft and try to outshine XBox, either in presentations or on the floor?

    I love listening to your Friday Q&A's while doing my end of week shopping.

  9. jwpear

    Hi Brad,

    Have you experienced any sleep issues with your Surface Book? If so, how did you diagnose and resolve?

    My Surface Book 2 has recently started (past month--at least that's when I noticed) having issues where the battery drains heavily during sleep--40 percent overnight. I've tried to follow steps to diagnose with powercfg /sleepstudy, but I can't make heads or tails of the info it provides. The cryptic info isn't actionable. It points to something with USB, but nothing is attached via USB, and something with the Photos app. I've used the Surface diagnostics tool--came up with nothing. And I've made sure Windows is up to date.

    My Surface is no longer under warranty, so I'll have to pay to get help from Microsoft. I suspect they'll want me to take it into a store. Unfortunately, I don't have a store close by.

  10. Modeltrainman

    What's happening with Xbox games on Windows, and Play Anywhere? Will all Xbox games be on Windows, eventually?

  11. dcdevito

    What's the best ad blocker for the new Edge?