Questions for 5 31 19


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  1. T182

    Do you think that Microsoft will put the new Edge in the Xbox OS?

  2. corey_mccowan

    With all the talk of Lite OS have you heard if they are planning for it to be available only on new hardware or would you be able to install it on older devices running Windows 10?

  3. Tourniquet

    Is Andromeda still a thing inside Microsoft?

    What was up with their weird announcement around "Modern OS / PC"? Kinda felt like it they described their vision videos, without showing anything. It felt strange.

  4. Usman

    Given that ice lake has 4 full speed thunderbolt 3 ports and integrated wifi 6, is Surface still planning to go with AMD?

    My problem with surface devices, is that for a very premium product, they use the less perferred Marvell wifi cards instead of Intel and still don't have thunderbolt 3 which every other sane OEM has adopted.

  5. EZAB

    Did I miss something about 19H2, is Microsoft skipping it? Is the next major release going to be 20H1? What's the big secret?

  6. deltaprime

    Do you believe Windows Lite will be purchasable for DYI systems or will it be restricted to prebuilt systems?

  7. roland00

    Does Paul or you Brad have thoughts of the Intel CPUs announced this week at Computex? (10nm Ice Lake Y and U series so 5w to 28w tablet to Laptop Chips.)

  8. Supergregnuma1

    Hey Brad,

    2 questions.

    1. Currently if you have Xbox game pass, you can play Xbox console games, but can also play Xbox play anywhere games on your pc. Will game pass for Pc be a different sku? Aren't all Xbox 1st party games supposed to be crossplay/play anywhere? If game pass for pc is a separate sku (subscription) how will they differentiate if since you can already play games on your pc with the current sub?

    2. With xCloud allowing you to stream next gen gaming to Phone and pcs, the assumption would be you could stream next Gen games on your current Xbox one console, how will they incentives consumers to migrate hardware generations?


  9. accessjunky

    Would you expect to see hololens 2 technology to appear soon or at all in future Windows Mixed Reality headsets or do you think Microsoft will abandon WMR?

  10. Elindalyne

    Will Halo Infinite be next gen exclusive? I'm talking about native play, not streaming.

    There seems to be some confusion about this now since an article that will not be named said some next gen releases would play on current Xbox's. This has caused some people to whine about next gen games being hamstrung by the Xbox One S

    Also have you heard any info on why the Xbox SAD edition is still so expensive?

  11. gamezone

    So recent rumors suggest that UWP is dead. Wasn't State of Decay trough the Insider Program a way for Microsoft to test UWP between console and PC? Have they given up on that already? If yes, will it be more difficult for them to unify PC and console now?

  12. deuscriolo

    Hey sams,what are your thoughts on the new microsoft xbox policy?

    You think people should avoid buying codes from online marketplace site like cdkeys or g2a?

    Thank you Appreciate Your Time.

  13. chollingsworth

    Considering how the Xbox one X had true 4k tech back in 2016 when 4k was considered a little bit out of range for standards, do you think that it is possible for the Xbox Anaconda to have true 8k just as Microsoft blew us away back in 2016?

  14. ericpalms200

    With windows lite on the horizon, what is Microsofts plans for the app store? Will they be implementing a new app store that could run Android apps and ditch UWP, or will the apps come from PWA's using the new Chromium based edge?

  15. MrPKI

    Do you think we will see a new elite XBox controller with the new XBox at E3?

  16. drunken geit

    There's been some talk about the power of next gen consoles but do you think there will be other changes that might surprise the consumer such as controller changes etc? Also what do you think about some of the new laptops coming out with oled 4k and dual screens?

    And third question hope you have a nice day.

  17. John Buck

    Will Xbox One and the Next Gen Xbox Console run the same Operating System? Or will Microsoft make a clean break and start fresh with the new console.

  18. Bdsrev

    Hi Brad, does Microsoft have any kind of relationship or interest in Niantic? You would think so given Microsoft's focus on stuff like HoloLens and now Minecraft Earth. I would think a technology partnership would be good for both companies, to advance AR/mixed reality faster

  19. jtdwab

    Do you think MS will allow Windows Light (if it ever comes out) onto older win10 machines? I bought a cheep Win10 eight inch tablet a couple years ago for a simple web tool and it would benefit from a lighter os.

  20. obiwan ftw

    How many people do you think will be able to sign up for xcloud public testing? An do you think Public testing will start shortly after E3 or later this year?

  21. johnlawlor

    Second Question: Will the surface pro 7 likely arrive before the end of the year? I'm due an upgrade but don't really want to wait until 2020.

  22. johnlawlor

    Given that UWP is now dead, what happens to apps made to run on the Hololens and IOT devices? I don't understand this very well but don't you need to use UWP for those platforms? What is the new 'modern' way to develop apps? WebApps?

  23. SilentHero117

    I watched the First Ring Daily podcast this morning where you and Paul were talking about the "death of UWP". I'm not challenging you on this one as I think you guys are right on this one, but what does that mean for the "app vision" that Microsoft originally had or currently have for their store? Why would a developer or company publish to the Microsoft store now? I get all the games with Xbox Game Pass for PC, but I don't see any compelling reasons for the other apps to be published to the store. Is Microsoft coming up with a new strategy for the store or is this one of the first steps towards disintegration of the Microsoft Store?