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  1. will

    Brad, Do you think there should be a change in having 343 doing all things Halo? Maybe split it up and have other teams or studios involved?

  2. mrpki

    Hi Brad - what do you think of Halo Infinite Season 2. At first it seemed cool with the new maps and modes, but I found myself getting bored quickly. How are you faring in Season 2?

  3. mrpki

    Here is a fun ending question for the week. Historically, many years ago Spencer F. Katt was the best source for insider information and now the best source is Walking Cat. Do you think they are related?

  4. abrankar

    Do you have any information on whether Sony or Microsoft were interested in the Crystal Dinamics/Eidos acquisition? If they were, why did Embracer end up getting them for such a low price? Maybe Microsoft has its hands tied due to the Activision deal.

  5. rambone05

    Hi Brad! Hope the eye is recovering well. 3 questions that are not tech related.

    1) what have you been watching recently? Any recommendations for movies & shows?

    2) What podcasts do you listen to? Been looking for a similar “feel” to the FRD banter between two leads but are bite size options (don’t want to invest in a podcast that’s longer than 25 minutes per episode at the top end)?

    3) how’s the Tesla and Tesla ownership?


  6. confusedgeek

    Did you call your mother?

  7. sydney2k

    Hello Brad,

    you'll probably mention the purchase of the majority of the western studios owned by Square Enix by the Embracer Group for a mere 30 million mini fridges. I'm interested in what you think would have been Microsoft's reaction must have been. Do you think it was a missed opportunity, an opportunity best passed on, or was it an opportunity that Microsoft had no idea was going on?

    If Square Enix was in purely for profit's sake Square Enix would have been better off with Microsoft, Sony, Tencent or many others whose coffers could easily pay 1 billion dollars plus, so it is confounding to think that this transaction cost so little for Embracer.

  8. matobehr

    Hi Brad! Two questions this week.

    1. With the advances and ambition behind Xbox cloud gaming, do you think that this will prompt any further push from Google, Amazon, and Nvidia with their respective cloud gaming services out to the mainstream?

    2. Tangentially, with the focus on GamePass and cloud gaming, how do you forsee Xbox in supporting retail physical releases in the long term?