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  1. finley

    Newton Mail?

    I am looking for an email solution (android app & web for multiple PCs) and was looking at Newton mail. I know you have a history with it, do you still use it? Would you recommend it? Should it be trusted not to shutter in the next year?

    I have 5 different work emails and would like something that can encompass them all and isolate them from my personal email (Gmail & outlook), so I don't mind a reasonable yearly subscription.


  2. mrpki

    Have you considered using Discord for your premium members for providing questions or tips during podcasts? For example, if you do not mention anything about Windows 10X, a member could ask if Microsoft is going to ever declare Windows 10X as a dead project?

  3. anoldamigauser

    Not using Discord (as per mrpki's question), but is Microsoft going to declare Windows 10X a dead project? Or are they going to kill it with complexity trying to get Win32 apps running?

  4. rory853

    Apple's new M1 processor is definitely leaving a mark for "controlling the whole stack" and making their own silicon. Meanwhile Microsoft is taking about the opposite approach, and working with ALL the silicon vendors. The only silicon the Microsoft has net to work with is exynos/Samsung. Do you know if Microsoft will be working closely on a exynos based computing device? This could be as simple as a tablet, but what if the next gen hololens runs a custom exynos chip?

  5. shark47

    We haven’t heard anything about the Surface Pro X or WoA recently. Do you know what’s going on in that space?

  6. jnbck

    What would you think would be the biggest "gotchas" for a small org switching from traditional office installations to Microsoft 365?

    Also for the consumer (when they just have to have a desktop mail client) to replace windows live mail?

  7. Kudupa

    Hey Brad,

    Xbox remote? are we getting any new one? I hate using the controller all the time & prefer to use the remote but the old one is just too old & I wish MS made a new sleeker looking one.

  8. Usman

    Just read about 10X being shelved, is it safe to assume that the future of Windows is just being Windows? No more forks, no more side shows, just a good general-purpose operating system that doesn't get in the way of work or gaming.