Questions for 5/12

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  1. michaelmartinez

    As we look at the surprise of iTunes coming to the Windows Store as being a boost to the case of Windows 10 S, do you believe the chances of Chrome coming to the store just increased? Google makes money no matter what platform their products are on. Chromebooks and Windows 10 S devices are not cannibalizing each other, therefore, it's hard to see how Google would be competing with itself.

  2. Porfirio

    In other words, Forgive me if this has been asked before, but with all the press about laptops with Windows 10S, and free upgrade to Windows 10 Pro, has there been any mention about the ability to just reload these machines with your own Windows 10 version? Boot and install your own?

  3. Tourniquet

    When Joe announced "Fluent Design" he said it will come to the Shell and Apps. Can we assume it will also come to Windows 10 Mobile? Usually when Microsoft talked about "Windows 10" it also meant Windows 10 Mobile in the recent years without specific mentioning it.

    I also got the impression that Microsoft will continue with Windows 10 Mobile for the Enterprise?!

  4. Sprtfan

    Are there/will there be insider builds for Windows 10 S? I'd like to give it a spin on a low end laptop I have.