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  1. michaelmartinez

    If I recall correctly, there was a build leading up to the Creators Update where users were able to uninstall base apps such as Xbox, Groove, and Alarms & Clock. This seems to have disappeared with the release of Creators Update. This feature seems like a must have for Windows 10 S, especially in the education sector or for those who are heavy into productivity. Why do you believe this was taken out, and do you see it coming to Windows 10 S, if it isn’t there already?

  2. jlv632

    Recently I thought that it might be time to remove my old Xbox 360 out of my main living room since I've have my Xbox one but I couldn't. I use the Movies and TV app which has one killer feature that I use which the Xbox One app doesn't... the ability to watch Movies that can be downloaded for offline playback.

    Any reason why this is the case or why Xbox One can't do this?

    Offline movies might be one of the things that might come down to a licensing issue but I would expect that since the Windows 10/ Windows Phone versions all allows offline playback for Movies that Xbox One could do it. As for my house, Movies are watchable on Xbox One if no one else is using the Internet connection.

  3. MerlinE.

    1. Can you purchase W10S for existing hardware?
    2. Can you dual boot W10S with another version?
  4. Tourniquet

    Hey brad, do you have any more infos about feature2 (win10 mobile)?

    Dona just said via twitter ( the feature2 thing is because of "some enterprise focused work with HP". What does it mean?

    I also read that CShell will still be developed for Windows 10 Mobile, so is that still coming?

  5. Bdsrev

    Brad, last week there was (and maybe there still is?) some concern that Microsoft doesn't want to be a big hardware player with Surface and they want to just release products like the Surface Studio (halo products that sell in small numbers). I personally don't fear that after seeing the Surface Laptop being released but do you know what Microsofts purpose is with Surface? Is it possible there will be no more Surface Pros or Surface Laptops in 3 or 4 years from now? How committed are they? I think Surface could grow into something huge if they really committed to it fully and made it a top priority

  6. Usman

    Firstly why is Paul not verified on twitter?

    Secondly, does Microsoft not understand how utterly buggy edge is even on creators update? Do they want to frustrate all the users of Windows 10 S or are they going to actually fix things in RS3.

    Not talking about the rendering of pages, more about the shell that goes around the browser. It tends to crash, lock up, doesn't open new windows on top of the current active window all the time, amongst other things, like F11 (I know there's uwp shortcut, but at this point in time, I have no clue what it exactly is).

  7. Philippe Gackstatter

    Do you think they will show some (preview) Cortana devices at Build? They have sessions for Cortana Skills and I think it would be pretty lame to use a PC for the demos.

  8. Silver47

    Now that Microsoft has made a version of windows that won't install win32 apps, how long do you think it'll be before they'll start rooting through the code and gutting out any old backwards compatibility components they don't need or anything else they feared to change because of it and slimline windows 10 further?

  9. lindhartsen

    What are your thoughts on whether third parties, such as Opera, Firefox, and Google, will attempt to get their browsers in the Store with Windows 10 S looming? Do you think the current era Microsoft would change their Store rules and possibly work directly with them to make this possible?

  10. hrlngrv

    A few on Windows 10 S.

    1. Does it come with the usual desktop applets: Notepad, Font Viewer, File Explorer, Media Player, printer configuration?
    2. For personally owned machines, does it include Administrator accounts?
    3. No way to change Edge as the default HTML viewer, but can something else be set as the default PDF viewer?
  11. MrPKI

    What are the top apps that distract education users away from Windows 10 S? Chrome? Steam client?

  12. seabass722

    Want is the difference at the OS software level between Windows 10 S and a clean/pure image of Windows 10 Pro? I understand W10S only runs apps from the Windows Store, but lets say I choose to install applications on a Windows 10 Pro machine only through the Windows Store would a difference in performance exist to the same setup on a Windows 10 S machine?

  13. Ian S.

    Will we ever see a progression in live tiles? Interactive Live Tiles? Exploding Live Tiles?

  14. habsfan

    Brad, how do you think the EU & maybe other jurisdictions will react to Windows 10 S when they find out you can only use EDGE as your browser? They don't tend to like when companies like MS prohibit the masses from using the competitions products.

  15. jgraebner

    I've seen a lot of comments about Windows 10 S not really being for power users, such as developers, graphic artists, etc. At the same time, Paul and others have been making the case that Windows 10 S should represent the future of Windows, with a goal of eventually deprecating Win32. I'd be interested in hearing your thoughts on what the long term path looks like as far as eventually making the OS suitable for all types of users.

  16. Brad Sams

    Somone else made the thread <3

  17. ponsaelius

    If Chromebooks are just a browser on a laptop is Windows 10 S just a browser on a laptop you don't want to use?