Questions for 6/05?


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  1. michaelmuni

    #1 tried logging in via google to post and got the message thanks for loggin in with google but you still need a thurrott account to sign in.

    #2 will all the school desktops out of use, has microsofts usage numbers changed any?

  2. kresspet

    Hi Brad, I'm a longtime listener but asking my first question today. Keep up the good work, thanks! :-)

    Here's my question: What will be the story to play xCloud on TVs? Mobile and the imminent availability on Windows are known by now, but I believe Microsoft has not said if and how players will be able to play on TVs. Do you expect a Chromecast type device or rather controller connection via Bluetooth and native Smart TV Apps?

  3. brothernod

    I'm aware that I'm a minority here, but I was obsessed with the idea of SmartGlass when Xbox One launched. I loved the immersion that came in Dead Rising when your real world cellphone rang and you'd get guidance from in game characters. I also drooled over the idea from Ubisoft where I could help a friend on a The Division mission on my cellphone as a drone while they played the full game experience. Think anything like that will ever come back?

    With no new controller features for the Xbox Series X, is there any hope of the console enabling new gameplay experiences that were not possible on the current generation? I'm afraid of Xbox becoming stale like the PC as they move to only innovating on processing power.

  4. eeisner

    I'm finally ready to buy a new pair of headphones after asking Paul his thoughts on his thoughts on the different true wireless a couple of weeks ago, but I have one more question. Will true wireless headphones work with the Xbox One via a 3.5mm bluetooth adaptor, and if so, do you think this will work or will the latency be too high?

  5. sydney2k

    Hello Brad,

    did we learn anything new about the progress of Windows Core OS at Build last week?

  6. rossfinnie

    Hi Brad,

    Apart from the "Surface Hub" webcam do you know if Microsoft has any plans to release new 4K webcams as the LifeCam range is really old now?

    If may ask a second question .... Is going to get a similar makeover to which is looking great?

    Thanks for the great podcast.