Questions for 6/12?


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  1. mrpki

    Back to being last again! is clear the new 1st and 3rd party games are going to be delayed this year due to COVID-19, but why are we being held back for information on audio and headset options for XBox Series X?

  2. gamezone

    With EA Access and GeForce Now releasing on Steam soon, do you think It's possible that Microsoft will release Gamepass or xCloud there as well? Microsoft have apparently had enormous success with games like Halo MCC and Sea of Thieves on Steam recently.

  3. tripleplayed

    So if Lockhart does not have a disc drive, will Microsoft use the "All Digital Edition" subtitle? Or will it just be "Xbox Series S" and nothing else.

  4. maktaba

    If I buy a Windows 10 laptop now, will I be able to install Windows 10X on it once it is released? If not, should I wait until new laptops are released that can run Windows 10X?

  5. brisonharvey

    Hey Brad! With Apple preparing to release their plans for transitioning to ARM, do you think that the 2.5 year head start that Windows got will help them get a lead in ARM desktop/laptop computing?

  6. Elindalyne

    Have you heard any rumors of Microsoft testing a cut down Series X APU for a Surface product?

    Heard about it on a different podcast and was wondering if you had heard anything.

  7. 66Mustang

    I’m guessing Hogan, Nicklaus, Sneed, Trevino, Palmer, Crenshaw, Watson, Mickelson, and Spieth, all past winners of the 74 year old Colonial Golf Tournament, would disagree with your statement that Colonial is a trash tournament. I hope you check it out this weekend.

  8. madthinus

    So how much did Sony screw up the Microsoft plan last night? Dropping two consoles, with the digital addition probably $50 to a $100 cheaper, they will also hit two price points. $499 and $549/599? This is far easier marketing messaging than Lockhard and Series X. Both consoles is equally powerful.

    How much did the CEO of every major games store company [email protected]#$% themselves last night? Sony just put them on notice.

  9. simont

    Have you tried Valoriant, the new 5v5 shooter from Riot Games?

  10. Kudupa

    Hey Brad,

    1) Do you know anything about Microsoft's plans for new Xbox remote, Camera and Xbox headset?

    My question becomes quite interesting based on what Sony just announced.

  11. brothernod

    I still haven’t received my discount code from BUILD. Have you heard of anyone else not receiving it yet? I have no clue if I’m just being impatient or something went wrong or how to even get it resolved.

  12. will

    Hey Brad, do you know when the first gen Surface Hub will be getting the rumored big software update? It is still running 1703 i believe and I thought it was supposed to get updated earlier this year.

    Also do you think the reason Microsoft pulled back from the Hub X was due to the popularity of Microsoft Team Room systems?

  13. kurtJ

    Brad, any word on when xcloud could hit other Android based platform like FireStick and similar devices?

    Also could Lockhart now be officially talked about and be the digital only version to compete with the ps5 digital version?