Questions for 6/19?


Questions for the podcast tomorrow? Drop them below.

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  1. mrpki

    Closing out the questions for this week: do you think we will have ANY major new exclusive games for the XBox Series X at console launch or will they all be late? And...what do you think about the upcoming EA Squadrons game?

  2. jnbck

    Have you heard of issues with 'Continue on PC'. I'm using edge for iPhone and if I go into the menu, then 'Continue on PC', it will just say 'Error Message' at the top. If I close and try again it will say 'Finding your devices' and never find my PCs.

    If I click the generic share button and then click to share with 'Continue on Pc', then my PCs will show up and I can share just fine.

  3. yoshi

    Do you think the faster SSD in the PS5 should cause concern for Microsoft? Or will the areas where Xbox Series X comes out ahead make up for the difference?

  4. mikepuddephat

    In your book, Beneath A Surface, you said that Microsoft will finally deliver a Surface monitor in the 2020 timeframe. Is this still likely to happen? Will the Surface Studio display ever be sold as a standalone product?

  5. sydney2k

    Hello Brad,

    I just watched your video about the Xbox Series pricing framework, and how you outline the Series X, the most powerful console, as a premium product, and priced accordingly ($499-$599). You compare it to the PS5, which you surmise may come in at $399-$499.

    What you didn't factor in is the presence of the PS5 Digital edition. In last weekend's weekly roundup you suggest that the digital edition would come in at $50 less than the bluray drive edition, but I have seen other commentators suggest that Sony may aggressively price the former at $100 less, in a move directly targeting Lockhart.

    If this is the case, then how low can Lockhart go? What is the price difference that Spencer is willing to go to, to keep the price advantage?

    A secondary question: do you think Microsoft were taken unaware by Sony's two SKU strategy, and have you heard of any reactions by Xbox executives to this?

  6. Usman

    Hey Brad,

    I don't really buy into the rumour mill, but this has been circling around lately, where the price (or the bill or materials) for the Series X is 400 USD and 200 USD for Lockhart. 'Source'

    Now of course there's random pricing 'leak' stories every day, so I'd take it with a grain of salt, however, have you heard a ball park figure for the bill of materials cost for these consoles?

  7. tripleplayed

    Will there be a All Digital Edition of the Xbox Series X?

  8. bart

    Hello Brad,

    On Twitter you responded to a tweet by Zac Bowden regarding the latest build in the Dev channel. You mentioned that there will be 'no new features in 20xxx builds'. Were you joking, or can you tell us a bit more about it?

  9. sherlockholmes

    Hi Brad,

    it looks like the new Edge loves to act weird mon my PCs. When I move to some websites like and accepted the privacy settings, after the time being it looks like Edge resets the settings. It often happens that I have to reaccept the settings again. Any ideas why? Thanks.