Questions for 6/21?


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  1. madthinus

    What is happening with 19H2? Why the silence?

  2. madthinus

    What do you make of the reports that the PS5 in developer form is currently more powerful than Scarlett?

  3. Pulagatha

    With CShell, is it possible Microsoft provides a dock like iPadOS? Are they really focusing their efforts on Electron with Windows Lite OS? That doesn't seem promising.

  4. yoshi

    What are the chances that my current library of owned Xbox One games become available on PC? And I mean through the new Xbox app, not by buying them again for PC.

    Thinking about next gen and wondering do I even need or want to spend money on a console with the renewed focus on PC.

  5. ngc224

    What are the chances of Microsoft releasing Surface Headphones v2 this year with a wife/noise-cancelling feature?

  6. felipe.costa09

    Hi Brad

    How MS will solve the “cheaters” problem on PC games? This is a big deal on steam today, ”millions” of accounts banished every month, something that does not happen on consoles, as far I know... I believe the only way is restrict the access to games ”files” on the OS, but I don't see how MS can do that today with the current version of Windows...

  7. cpsterndog

    Hi Brad,

    Have you seen this deal that came out of E3?

    For $1, it adds together the time remaining on your Xbox Live Gold *and* your Xbox Game Pass memberships, adds a month, and converts the sum total of all that time into Xbox Game Pass Ultimate (up to 36 months total).

    For example, if you have two years of Xbox Live Gold on your account, and a year of Xbox Game Pass (for console), for $1 it gets upgrade to 3 years total of Game Pass Ultimate. My Ultimate now expires in 2022!

    I feel like this a fantastic deal. For folks that take advantage of it, having 3 years of Ultimate may well sway a number of next gen console decisions in Microsoft's favor.

    Would love to hear your thoughts!



  8. Andres

    Hi Brad,

    Why does Microsoft plan to promote teams for life when Kayzala would be the perfect WhatsApp competitor?

    It would be great to have a privacy-focused alternative from Microsoft.

  9. gamezone

    Have you tried Game Pass for PC, and did you like it? Apperantly Microsoft made the API optional for developers to use. Some games are therefor released without XBL features and achivements. In my opinion Xbox on PC loses its identity without that, and becomes just another launcher with lacking features.

  10. deltaprime

    In his annual interview with Jeff Gerstmann of Giant Bomb, Phil Spencer was very dismissive of the rumours around Windows Game Core. Saying that the State of Decay test was a test of Win32 in the store, not Game Core, and that the wide number of hardware configurations make it basically impossible. So Brad, what is the latest you have heard on Game Core? Is it still happening and why did we not see it at E3?

  11. averroda

    Hey Brad. Since Xbox Lockhart has been canned in favor of just having one console for Scarlett, what are the odds that Xbox just uses the one x and one s as their lower tier replacements? I never understood why Lockhart existed when the one x/s are available. Wouldn't it make more sense to update the dashboard software to that of Scarlett and just keep them around?

  12. Lewk

    Towards the end of last year, Microsoft announced a new style for the office icons. They also said that the new style would be applied to all product icons across the Microsoft brand. So why do the new Xbox apps and gambar on the PC have completely different styled icons that look like Windows 8 Tile icons with shadows? Aka, terrible. Did the Xbox team not get the memo?

  13. AnOldAmigaUser

    Any more news regarding Lite OS?

  14. MrPKI

    Is the new XBox elite controller really work that much money?