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  1. awright18

    Do you think the apps that are being bundled with windows 11 like Fancy Zones and Terminal will only be updated annually with Windows releases or possibly in windows updates or some other way?

  2. Kudupa

    Hi Brad,

    I have two questions,

    1) How good is the Xbox heahphones you bought? I'm looking for cheap wireless headphones to use for my computer and want to remove wires coming out of my PC. Please advice?

    2) Why Microsoft is not releasing Windows Hello compatible Cameras for PCs? I soo badly want one which doesn't cost $300 or more.


  3. Usman

    I watched the dev keynote, everything was about Windows 11 Desktop. The whole Windows on everything is now officially dead.

    Do you know what's happening to the Windows operating system with Hololens 2? It only runs PWAs and UWP applications, it is a niche product, but still curious about what OS it will continue to run.

  4. eternal shaddai

    Hello, Brad and once again thank you for answering my question about exclusives and time exclusive on XNC Podcast with Colt. My question is this. Windows 11 is released and gave us the changes that came with it. Will Microsoft ever create on the gaming side some type of program for example Streamyard, Streamlabs or Restream for the Xbox gamers. Mixer wasn't to much of a success but since podcasting and other sorts of news is being used. Will they ever have something Xbox focus for gamers that follows them. What happens if consumers doesn't like Youtube algorithms or Facebook but MS comes with something appealing like they did with that percentage to game developer during that Epic vs Apple lawsuit.

  5. madthinus

    TPM: Is that the "only full screen apps" of Windows 11? On a serious note, looking at the enthusiast community struggling with this, how is the great user base going to cope? Is the big divider?

    Lastly, 720p resolutions, can it please just die...can they not bump the whole industry to 1080p and get it done?

  6. mrpki

    Once Android apps are available and can run on Windows 11, will we see any consumer apps written using UWP or Win32 any more?

  7. sydney2k

    I just listened to your participation with Colteastwood's podcast, Xbox News Cast- that was fun to listen to. You mention that one of your guilty gaming pleasures is golf games, and with EA Games preparing a PGA Tour game, what sort of features would you like to see in it? What sort of innovations that have arrived in the last few years would improve a realistic golfing game? For example, would you play VR golf?

  8. jnbck

    Are Windows 11 Snap Groups going to replace virtual desktops, or will grouping by virtual desktops still exist?

  9. shark47

    Do you know if we’ll see updates to Windows 11 apps like Mail, Photos, Notepad, etc?

  10. Gowtham

    Do you think the UI is going to be consistent in windows 11?

  11. alper.tor

    Do you have any info how taskbar and action center will be on multiple monitors?

  12. hrlngrv

    Does BWW have any plans to implement comment editing on thurrott-dot-com ever again?

  13. mauerque

    (Username pronounced "Mark")

    Hi Brad,

    According to Microsoft, Windows 11 is not going to be allowed on Intel processors older than 8th gen. Do you know why this is the case? Seems odd to exclude so many devices that should be powerful enough to run.

  14. will

    Have you heard anything about a possible "Sun Valley" UI update for the Xbox dashboard? Since the large tile UI is going away with Windows 11 I was curious if the Xbox UI would take some design cues from Windows 11?

  15. crunchyfrog

    I just bought a Windows on ARM laptop because I'm a glutton for punishment. With the Windows 11 announcement I can't help but ask when the upgrade will come for ARM based computers.

  16. lenalfred

    1. Do you think MSFT will allow manufactures (i.e., Lenovo, Alien Ware, etc.) to make Xboxs and follow the PC philosophy? I think that would allow variations of the Xbox consumers. MS doesn't make money from the sales of Xbox. Let the hardware folks do it. They can add other features to their version of the Xbox.
    2. If you were at MSFT and were allowed to buy a company, who would you buy? I would buy a VPN provider like NordVPN. This would make almost make a complete security package which MSFT could promote as part of Microsoft 365. So, MSFT would have a Password, an Authenticator, and a VPN for total security that can be used on any device, and not just a Windows PC.

  17. rubbb3rduck

    Kinda refreshing the way MSFT does their announcements these days!

    So, could you make this TPM stuff understandable to the normal human beings. Because somehow my new desktop (RTX3070, amd5800x, 32gb) doens't seem to be able to run Win 11... (shaking my head) ...

    Thanks so much

  18. dbatools

    I would like to know why Windows 11 won't run on the Surface Studio 2.

  19. psychoker

    Hey Brad ,

    1) Do you think MS force the TPM 2.0 because of there own chips they are planning. I thought i heard something that they embedded it to their own soc.

    2) I saw that you can buy TPM 2.0 modules for motherboards that connect over the USB Header

    • Usman

      Just to clarify, they go over the TPM Header and not USB Header, so don't mix up those two ports.

  20. jheredia

    Any word on getting new builds after installing the leaked one? I really wanted to do a clean install of Windows 11 to start testing it but I keep hearing ISOs won't be available anytime soon. Just wondering if I can install the leaked ISO and then update to the the first preview build to get on track