Questions for 6/29?


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  1. adamcorbally

    What do you think of Germany getting knocked out of the world cup?

    Do you think Brazil should try to find a way to get firmino on even if it means giving neymar less game time?

    Who do you think will win it?

    • hrlngrv

      In reply to adamcorbally:

      The German team definitely had its collective head where the Sun don't shine. Der Spiegel has just a few articles on the subject, and Germans have become truly exceptional at self-criticism.

      OTOH, how about the atrocious Japanese team? Getting through on Fair Play points vs Senegal, so playing complete shutdown defense for the last 15 minutes of its game against Poland? At least Belgium should have an easy time getting through to the quarter finals. I really hope Japan doesn't qualify in another 4 years, but it will since its ethos is do the minimum needed.

  2. KingNerdTheThird

    Are tater tots a food worth having for my 19th birthday?


    In one episode you said Alex Kipman was working on the display of Andromeda, does this mean Andromeda can display hologram?


    Zac Bowden from Windows Central said Microsoft was planning a "developer edition" Andromeda for Spring, but somehow it was skipped. Do you know something about this?

  5. Elindalyne

    With the loss of Sets, does that mean we're also losing tabbed powershell and command prompt?

    If so -

    My assumption is yes, we are. I don't have the time right now to check it out unfortunately.

  6. SherlockHolmes

    Are there any news for how long Premium with my own domain (externally hosted) will work with

  7. Kevin

    Which professional golfer best represents Microsoft at this point? Tiger Woods?

  8. jaboonday

    I'm contemplating cutting the cord. Currently doing research to see which service might be the best for my family, and I've noticed that in Paul's cord-cutting articles there isn't any discussion of Direct TV Now - are you contemplating trying it out at all or have you eliminated it from contention? For my family, it seems to have the sweet spot of channels we actually watch (including HGTV, which, like Paul, I'm inexplicably, yet irrevocably beholden to), but isn't available on as many devices as some of the others. The cloud DVR options are also kind of lacking, with just 20 hours of recording available. Any thoughts on Direct TV Now?

  9. Bart

    Yesterday we saw news of Microsoft providing 5PB of maps data to Openstreetmaps, consisting mostly of building footprints. What is Microsoft's end game here?

  10. usefulengines

    Any word on when the Office 2019 beta will be available to the public or the Office Insider program.