Questions for 6/17

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    Wishing to confirm something about Files on Demand in the new OneDrive.

    * the blog posting says Always Available files are a specific to a device. This is indicated by the green checkmark on the file in file explorer or the OneDrive app. Does this carry over to using the browser?

    * Is there a way to discover on which devices files are always available through the OneDrive App or I am looking to be able to see where the files are always available and ideally "push" them to other devices instead of having to go through each device individually. would be useful to use my computer and make sure files are always on on my SP3 and NuVision tablet through a web interface

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    Is there a list of devices Microsoft accepts for a trade in for new Surface devices? I have seen iDevices mentioned but is my SP3 eligible as a trade in?

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    If I restrict Windows 10 Pro from installing apps from outside the store, will it perform as Windows 10 S promises (as fast on day 1000 as it is on day 1)

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    When can we expect the comment system at to work as well as the comment systems at most other sites? E.g., why do you bother with sort by links which currently do nothing? In hindsight, would you have just bought a drop-in comment system? If not, what functionality do you believe you've actually achieved which no one else has managed?

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