Questions for 6/30 Podcast


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  1. Rob7

    If you were buying a good dependable VR computer.....what would it be

  2. Peter klobčič

    since you guys were in Holland playing with hollolens, how good does the hollolens work in a dynamic environment, for example to make an augmented reality car navigation.

  3. TheOne

    Curious what you think of ARKit

  4. StephenCWLL

    Has anyone EVER checked for solutions in Windows OS and had it come up with anything other than 'no solutions found'??? I need to know!!!

  5. StephenCWLL

    What's the single biggest issue with Windows 10 that you think has not been addressed?

  6. the_zeni

    With the Surface Mini just "leaked", do you think there is any chance of MS releasing another device in this category with up to date specs and Win10 on ARM? Would really love such a device. Not talking about the foldable Surface Phone due in 2035...

  7. djncanada

    if Microsoft wants devs to move to UWP/centennial bridge apps, why is Microsoft moving their own apps in this direction so slowly!

  8. DaQuantumFro

    Two questions. Given the reviews of the Surface Laptop, do you think Windows 10S has a future?  Also do you think Microsoft will update the non-pro Surface line? 

  9. Kudupa

    Hey Brad, I like Cortana but What'd the point of Cortana on Android if it can't compete on features, laggy and borderline unusable?

  10. team56th

    IrfanView entered Windows Store, Paint.NET to follow soon, 7zip consistently showing up in Windows on ARM demonstration... Do you think that old Windows developers are finally noticing Windows Store & Centennial is taking off? If so, what brought this change?

  11. NickDog

    What's in the pipeline for Groove? What are you hearing?

  12. Tourniquet

    Is it worth to upgrade from a Lumia 950 to a Alcatel Idol 4 Pro (which will be released next week in Germany)?

  13. jlmerrill

    Do you use or gmail or both?