Questions for 7/1?


Drop them here.

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  1. madthinus

    A little speculation question. What will the Xbox team target for the mid cycle refresh? Will there be one?

  2. jnbck

    Anything you're looking forward to that might come out of Ignite?

  3. confusedgeek

    What do you think happened and will happen to the PlayStation devs Microsoft acquired?

    of course I’m assuming devs work on specific consoles.

    aldo you think Xbox will port the first gears and halo:ce to PlayStation? J/k

  4. mrpki

    Have you tried out the new Defender for individuals on your mobile device(s)? Has anyone conducted a review and determined if they are a useful security add-on or if they are a battery hog?

  5. matobehr

    Hey Brad. Isn't it about time that MS made a dedicated Xbox handheld?

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