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  1. mrpki

    Closing with a fun question as always: Do you think people will be able to play the latest PC games in the cloud using Windows 365 Cloud PCs? Or will the target audience be only knowledge workers and developers?

  2. bncz1

    Most of my “tech enthusiast” acquaintances are not impressed with Windows 11. Will they eventually come around and see the light? ?


  3. confusedgeek

    cloud gaming vs stadia. Ppl who use both say stadia is better. Have you tried both and would you agree? If true csn Xbox catch up?

    will there be an elite 3 soon and do you ever see it as an option in design lab so you can make your own?

  4. programmeral

    Have you heard any rumors about a Surface Duo 2 like features and/or release date? My phone lost a fight with the pool and I'm on an old iPhone for now. I'm debating upgrading now or waiting a little longer for this years batch of phone refreshes. If the Duo 2 has an improved camera (which I'm doubting) I'd love to upgrade to that.

  5. shark47

    Curious to hear your thoughts on right to repair. Microsoft’s products have been notoriously hard to repair.

  6. TheITGuy

    Less of a question, more of a thought. There are a lot of schools with legacy devices that don’t meet the Windows 11 hardware requirements, and can’t afford to upgrade in time for Windows 10 EOL. Google must be rubbing their hands together thinking about how many of them will move to Chromebooks instead.

    • StevenLayton

      Yeah, we're such a school, where our most modern PC is a 6th Gen i5. I have 4 years to address it. This might actually force the issue of adopting a more agressive replacement strategy, so it might be a 'win' for the Windows side of the IT in the school.

  7. ken_loewen

    Does Windows 365 portend the end of the vicious "upgrade your PC every three years" cycle?

  8. bart

    Microsoft added the 'Entertainment' widget to the latest windows 11 build and still seems committed to its movie/tv offerings.

    Have you heard any confirmation of this? Also, is this related to the Ilustre Xbox streaming stick?

  9. bart

    With Microsodt Teams 2.0 now out in the wild, do you know how it is being updated? Will I need to keep looking for new builds every time? :)