Questions for 7 17?


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  1. mrpki

    Returning to the last question of the week! Do you think the upcoming Surface Duo will be able to play XCloud games like Halo Infinite on day one?

  2. ngc224

    Do you have a Surface “Duo” yet?

    If you can’t say, just say, “I can’t say.” ;-)

  3. dcuk7

    Hi Brad,

    Just read Phil Spencer's interview with The Verge about xCloud launching in September for Game Pass Ultimate members. He says there will be 100 games at launch but he doesn't say if you can stream all of your previously purchased games. Do you know if this will be the case or will we just be limited to what's on Game Pass that month?

  4. kernelcrackr

    Hey Brad Love your Show , I had a question. Will you be able to use X-Cloud on I-Phone Devices when it Launches in September.

  5. quikah

    1. Is the Xbox windows 10 app ever going to get Xbox streaming capability? (the current console companion app keeps pushing us to the Xbox app, but it is missing this key function)
    2. Any hope that Gamepass PC titles will come to Xcloud?
  6. sydney2k

    Hello Brad,

    do you think that Satya Nadella will be addressing both the Inspire global event and the Xbox Games Showcase next week?

  7. jnentwich

    I purchased the original Surface Headphone 18 months ago. I was very careful with them, never mistreated them and really only used them to listen to music when working from home. Last week the plastic between speaker and the headband broke making them unsuitable. The warranty on them is only 12 months.

    What are my opinions to get this fixes? Is there someone at Microsoft I can contract about this issue? What would you do?

  8. erichk

    Hi Brad, how long does Microsoft typically support their consoles after a new one comes out? I have an Xbox One X, and I don't think I'll be upgrading to the Series X (or S) right from the get-go, so I'm just wondering how much longer I can confidently say to myself that I still have a console that's not behind the times. (The fact that I'm already entertaining this notion already seems silly to me.)

  9. brothernod

    Microsoft just removed the annual option for Xbox Live Gold from their website. Lots of speculation but my favorite theory is that Microsoft is going to make Xbox Live Gold and online multiplayer free then just charge for Game Pass.

    What is your theory?

    Any other theories for how Microsoft can catch up and beat Sony next generation?

  10. rlbaker

    Hey Brad,

    with my much loved 3 year old Surface Pen starting to show its age I was wondering if you think we will see a 'new' new Surface Pen in October? Had my eye on the Slim, but reports indicate it's not the most ergonomic for digital artists... thoughts?

  11. Usman

    As a gaming PC owner and a Game Pass Ultimate subscriber, I applaud Microsoft's open cross platform approach, but I am also surprised by it as I am unlikely to purchase series X since through game pass I have the option to stream via xCloud and as a PC owner play all Xbox Studio titles at no additional cost.

    Is the revenue / margin from Game Pass Ultimate enough offset the loss of a first party game sale, third party console royalty fee, the cost of cloud streaming and the loss of a console sale?

  12. ericpalms200

    Do you think Xbox Series X will launch sooner to get a head start on the PlayStation 5 or will they both launch around the same time?

  13. kernelcrackr

    Hey Brad why was Supply of the Consoles

    so Low , I heard along with my local store that stores only got 10-12 Ax’s and 2-5 S’s , what’s up with that. Also Sony says they will have more but Xbox sounds like they may or may not ? what’s up with that. Your thoughts