Questions for 7 23?


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  1. bschnatt

    Have you ever made Paul really mad?

  2. jnbck

    Hi Brad 2 questions today:

    1) What do you suppose Microsoft has up their sleeve with all the recent security company acquisitions, RiskIQ, Refirm?

    2) When acquired, do these companies generally operate as before, or does their staff see major re-orgs?

  3. txag

    Why do you think the Windows 11 announcement was so badly done? Or do you disagree with my thoughts on that?

  4. mrpki

    I did not want to save this question to be last this week...what do you think of all these recent security vulns being reported for Windows? Is there a chance there will be a call to action similar to what was performed for Windows XP SP2?

  5. sydney2k

    Hello Brad,

    With Flight Simulator dropping in a few days, what will you be looking for in comparing the console version to the PC version?

    Also, how are you coping with the summer heat this season?

  6. johnlawlor123

    Hi Brad, firstly thanks for all the work you do. I'm a big fan. I'm wanting to buy surface go 2's for my school but not sure about Pentium vs. M3 and whether 4GB of RAM will be enough. Initially the students would be mainly using Onenote and the pen, but they would get a lot of use and I'd like them to last 5 years if possible at a push. What would you recommend? Is the Pentium a no go?

  7. johnlawlor123

    One for me personally as well if that is OK. What percentage chance would you give for a redesigned surface pro before the end of the year. Thanks.