Questions for 7 30?


Birthday podcast edition – i’m turning 12.

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  1. mrpki

    Here is everyone's favorite ending question of the week: Now with Windows 11 coming out with a new UX, will we see Windows Server shifted to use the new desktop and experience like what happened with Windows 8/Windows Server 2012? Or will Windows Server retain the legacy Windows 10 style start menu?

  2. jnbck

    Hi Brad - Happy 12th Birthday?

    You've probably answered this before, but do you study the questions of the week ahead of time or wing it live?

  3. brothernod

    2 questions

    1) Anything ever come of the Audeze Penrose review?

    2) Are there any features of the current or near future Tesla Model Y that you wish yours had or are you content with your purchase?

  4. txag

    Sort of off topic, but I recall your comment that recharging your car on the trip home from Florida was the biggest negative of using the Tesla on that trip. Today this story popped up in my newsfeed: (Sorry, don't see how to make this a link.)

    Anyway, it says that 1 in 5 Californians with electric cars went back to gasoline because charging was too time consuming and difficult to do. I think somebody like you with a charger at home isn't likely to do that, but would you comment?

  5. jay wolf

    Hi Brad

    With the recent Microsoft Earnings report that happened eariler this week, why is Microsoft being so why when it comes to updated GamePass subscription numbers ?

    Do you think the numbers aren't as high as hoped or are they waiting to hit 25-30 million subscribers to make announcement ?

  6. Daishi

    Just wondering if you have looked at the Framework Laptop at all and if you have any plans on getting one for review?

    It seems like it’s emphasis on repairablity without sacrificing on quality, performance or aesthetics is something we should be encouraging in the whole industry and the more coverage it gets and the more people know about it the better the odds of that happening.

  7. sydney2k

    Hello Brad,

    congratulations on the anniversary!

    I've been hearing doom and gloom stories that high end pre-built gaming computers are going to be banned in California, due to a new bill that has just passed the state legislature. Is this a case of Chicken Little-itus, or are we never going to have 4K/120 frames per second on Flight Simulator in Los Angeles any more?

    Talking about Flight Simulator, what are your personal impressions of Flight Sim on the Series X?

  8. madthinus

    Firstly, you look terrible for 12, secondly, just embrace it and thirdly, Happy Bday!

    Windows 11: The real Windows as a service? I am being a bit provocative, but to me, this is what the aim is. Feature updates that is Windows upgrades that can break things in the process is terrible. The new model in Windows 11: Base build in place, CU's update, change and fix monthly. Is far more feasible? Is this not the very definition of a service model?