Questions for 7 9?


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  1. mrpki

    Lets change it up for the last question of the week! Do you think the Windows 11 interface and requirements for next gen processor, TPM 2.0, etc. are tied more to the Windows Server platform versus the consumer low end platform?

  2. StevenLayton

    Have you watched any of the Euro 2020 Football over the last few weeks? How do you think will win the final on Sunday, Italy, or England? (Hint, the correct answer is England) ;)

  3. bschnatt

    Other than the Sams Report and First Ring Daily, what in the world do you actually do every day (besides bother Paul)? Other sources of income you can tell me without having to shoot me afterwards? Inquiring minds want to know...

  4. shark47

    Do you think we'll see the Surface Pro X 2 this year and if so, what are your expectations for it?

    • shark47

      Also, I appreciate you doing this. Listening to the "Sams Report" is one of my favorite parts of the week.

  5. wbaggerly

    (Call me Wes)

    Hi Brad,

    I hope you are having a fantastic Friday.

    I know your mobile environment is iOS, but I'm curious what Android Apps you are thinking about testing once the option/store becomes available for Windows 11, if any.

    On the gaming side of this, do you think the Android Xbox Game Pass App could provide a better Cloud Gaming experience then using a browser, Edge or Chrome, on the PC?

    Finally, any updated rumors out there about a New Surface Studio? How does it fit in the Windows 11 narrative? 

    Have a wonderful Weekend.