Questions for 7/14?


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  1. StephenCWLL

    Microsoft knows lots of people loved aero in Windows 7. Why are we getting a half baked replacement in fluent design now in Windows 10 and not Aero back?

  2. adamcorbally

    Aside from bug fixes and features known to be coming what three features would you like to see Microsoft add to the next version of windows?

  3. Patrick3D

    Do either of you (Brad or Paul) use Windows Hello daily for logging in to your devices? What has been your experience, pros/cons, and would you recommend it at this time?

  4. michaelmartinez

    It's clear Microsoft is rallying behind Office as one of its major pillars of revenue. The innovations for the products show this, such as the AI translator for PowerPoint. Is there a chance that PowerPoint morphs into a Sway-hybrid to compete with more agile products like Prezi, or will they stay separate programs?

  5. Averroda

    Brad, since W10M is on feature2 branch and all the talk of Andromeda and Cshell, what are the odds (in your opinion) that this new type of device gets launched in the fall? I know we may not see a surface type device until 2018 but perhaps a third party might be ready for launch this year. I'm thinking the new HP elite x3 device they showed off at mobile world congress.

  6. thespecificocean

    I'm having to return my burgundy Surface Laptop due to a splotchy discoloration/corrosion on the outside of the lid. It seems as though there is some type of coating on the metal that the oils from my hand messed up only after a month. Tried cleaning it with a damp cloth and there is an obvious beading of water everywhere else except in that spot. Have you heard of anything similar? Since mine was a preorder unit maybe it didn't get time to cure properly? :(

  7. hrlngrv

    The last few Insider builds have seemed MUCH SLOWER than previous Insider builds. If this is the new way MSFT wants to take Windows Update, wouldn't Windows users become more resistant to allowing updates? The assumption would be that everyone leaves their PCs on all the time, so Windows can update at 5:00 AM or so, but how responsible is it to waste power on idling PCs while people sleep?

    FWIW, I applied the latest 1703 update this week on a different machine, and it also seemed slower than previously.

    I also use Linux and Chrome OS. Chrome OS is a breeze: yes, it requires shutdown/restart, but that takes less than 1 minute. Linux, at least using Debian packages and dpkg/apt, gives the impression of being much faster than Windows update. Plus dpkg/apt give more details about what they're doing than Windows update.

  8. Peter klobčič

    What are the odds of Microsoft holographics platform coming to android and ios in an app form? (kind of like ios ARkit)?