Questions for 7/21?


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  1. Jaxidian

    How's your Mesh WiFi going?

  2. cyloncat

    How does Azure growth and revenue compare with AWS?

  3. MerlinE.

    Any news about the Surface Pen colors and the QA issues on the Surface Pro (Light Bleed), Surface Laptop (paint chipping)?

  4. jlv632

    Hi Brad,

    At about the time of the Surface Pro 2... Did I have a dream that Microsoft was going to release like a DJ Mixer Touch Cover? I'm sure I didn't dream but did that see the light of day in any Markets (US Maybe?) and if not... was it ever found what happened to them? Buried in the dessert next to the Atari copies of ET?

  5. Lewk

    Do you think there'll be another Microsoft/Surface Hardware event later this year? If so, do you think it's likely there'll be a new Surface Hub, one with possibly a smaller screen?

  6. Peter klobčič

    I'm considering buying a new phone in next 6-8months, I use the pan a lot (not much choice out there) and i have my eyes open for new samsung note that is coming this fall. But i was wondering if you know how much time will Microsoft take with Andromeda or when we will know a bit more about andromedas destiny?

  7. the_zeni

    After the switch to Android I continued using Groove with Music Pass. Besides various playback issues when streaming I only recently discovered that the music catalogue on the Android App seems to differ from the one on Win 10 Desktop or Mobile. Some Songs or Albums can't be found and even few songs already in playlists can't be played on the Android device. Do you happen to know if there is aan actual reason behind this or just another bug that Microsoft probably doesn't bother to fix?

  8. Usman

    Was the atom cut off due to Intel killing their mobile division and unable to support the chips or could we see that happening in the future especially on the Core i series processors, wouldn't want to see my Sandy Bridge i7 no longer getting feature update, even though it's still a very capable processor 6 years later.