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  1. lindhartsen

    Any ideas what the next Windows 10 update will be called in 2018?

  2. michaelmartinez

    Do you foresee the new phone linking in the insider preview extending to photo sharing, opening Office documents on a larger screen, and the like? It seems there is much potential in this feature. It would be nice to see the reverse true as well. Say you have a book you bought in the Windows Store. Having the ability to send it to a tablet or phone would be a nice way to get these ebooks out of the ecosystem into a platform customers actually use for this.

  3. PhilipVasta

    Do you think Live Tiles will ever be deprecated? I know you've opined on this a bit previously, but the discussion is an interesting one. Tiles made sense on Windows Phone when it didn't have a notification center, but they're just a vestige of prior ambitions. Now that they're focused on their true strengths, I'd like to see Microsoft take that bold, thoughtful approach it had with Live Tiles, but apply it to making a paradigm that meshes with those strengths.

  4. wunderbar

    1) Brad: how was the scotch?

    2) Paul: Why did you buy Brad scotch, if it wasn't poisoned? I'm assuming it wasn't if Brad is capable of answering question 1.

    (in case the sarcasm meter doesn't register, assume sarcasm on question 2)

  5. ponsaelius

    HP a certifying the Elite X3 for verizon. Alcatel are releasing Pro 4 in Europe. Dont they know Windowsphone is dead or is this just another bit of confusion for the Windowsphone fan?

  6. harmjr

    You use Miracast sometimes in First Ring Daily to your TV in the background. Is that a built in Miracast or dongle? If its a dongle what kind are you using and how good is it. I am playing with a Belkin Miracast and its crappy. Out of the blue will lose connection or go really pixelated. I don't need some thing that super high resolution but some thing that's reliable. Any recommendations?

  7. Kudupa

    Brad, have you tried using OneDrive UMP? Imho, it's garbage compared to OneDrive apps on android or iOS. I have 40gb of photos uploaded & cannot browse without hanging or crashing on my surface pro.

    Why is Microsoft ignorant about its own apps? I haven't seen any significant performance improvements to OneDrive app on Win 10. What do you think?


  8. Tourniquet

    Hey Brad :)

    Could you please please please explain what Andromeda exactly is?

    If I was speculating I would say Andromeda is a new Windows platform which :

    1.      needs certain hardware capabilities to function

    2.       includes some more / other software components than Windows 10 Mobile already has (maybe some kind of light win32 subsystem, to make store apps work)

    3.      Adapts CShell in a certain way to it. 

    4. Is probably part of Redstone 4.