Questions for 7/7 Podcast?


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  1. MrPKI

    Were any engineering teams affected this week as part of the layoff announcements?

  2. MerlinE.

    What is up with the new Surface Pen, especially in color? Did Microsoft underestimate the demand? Do they have Quality issues or do they just like to drop the ball...

  3. jmeiii75

    Hey, guys. I was just wondering if we could talk about the First Ring Daily RSS feed. I have tried adding the feed to PocketCasts based on the instructions provided in the forum, which works, but only loads the first nine episodes. Granted, I always watch the episodes directly on the site, but it would be nice to have this option. I know that others have had this situation as well. Any ideas? Thanks. Have a great weekend.

  4. jlv632

    This might be a classic case of Microsoft doing things 90% of the way and saying "meh... good enough" but whatever happened to Podcasts? The app on Windows phone is coming up to 3 years with no update and it makes logically sense to roll this function into Groove.

    Any ideas on things you've heard on the down-low? Currently using "Podcasts!" as I don't find gProdder meets my needs and will full respect to 3rd Party clients who can do this... it's hard to beat a built in function that could "Just Work"

  5. Wigmundo

    Where is story remix? Will it be another app that doesn't materialise...?

  6. dalyIsaac

    How much do you think Progressive Web Apps will impact the Windows app ecosystem?

  7. ChristopherCollins

    Brad, will you revisit the audio situation? In particular, what seems to be extreme clipping on you in the beginning today (7/6) and the constant drops of audio? Sometimes it is you and sometimes it is Paul. I actually returned an HP Spectre X360 as I thought it was that machine.

    Not bringing it up to bitch. I honestly listen to the show each day you and Paul do one and it is a big part of why I pay. If GFQ is still mixing this down, the problems must be on the processing/mic side with you or Paul. It seemed like they had Axia gear, so there mic mixing should be far better than what is on the show.

    Even if you can't talk about it on the show, please see if it can be fixed or minimized. Thank you!

  8. michaelmartinez

    Regarding the acquisition of Cloudyn; will Microsoft make its cloud features Azure exclusive, or do you believe they will continue to operate fully with AWS, Openstack, etc.?

  9. wunderbar

    is there a way to not get an email for comment notifications on the site? I like the notifications on the site itself, but really don't need an email for every one.

    • hrlngrv

      In reply to wunderbar:

      You could do it manually. Click on the notification bell to expand its drop-down, click on Settings in the upper-right of the drop-down, and that'll take you to the new notification dashboard. Then for through each page on each tab, setting e-mail notifications to Never.

      PITA you say? Agreed. It'd be nice if the account profile page included an option for notifications letting us choose Never as the e-mail notification default. Maybe in another year.

  10. TheJoeFin

    Do you know if any examples of good AI in popular Microsoft products? (obviously not in their spam detection)

  11. Biswajit Deb

    2) Is a universal clipboard still on track for The Fall Creators Update?

  12. Biswajit Deb

    1) For people desperately waiting for Microsoft's next attempt at mobile, which year and what time of year can we expect it so that people can decide whether or not to invest in a flagship Android/iPhone in the meantime, i.e. end of 2018, early 2019...end of 2019?

  13. Rob7

    so where is Microsoft headed........:)

  14. adamcorbally

    why are web apps acceptable in the windows 10 store but android ones not? Couldn't they wrap them and give them UWP features like they do with win32 apps? Especially the case as Microsoft has no phone play anymore and none of the major companies are making true uwp anymore- why resist

  15. Martin Pelletier

    Will the EU target Microsoft again because Windows 10 S only support Edge as a browser?

  16. chart8006

    I hope Microsoft is working on the sleep / hibernation problem I've had with my Surface Pro M3. A lot of people complaining, but only one seemingly official comment that they are looking at it so far. Anyone else had a problem?

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