Questions for 8 06?


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  1. mrpki

    Your favorite ending question of the week requiring no BS: If Windows 11 requires TPM 2.0, etc. does that not mean that Windows 365 in the cloud will not have Windows 11 and other security protections available due to lack of the physical TPM chipset availability to your instance?

    • wunderbar

      Hypervisors have been able to do TPM's and secure boot of VM's for a long while.

  2. confusedgeek

    Elite controller 3 soon?

  3. madthinus

    All these little teasers for features coming to Windows are they going to be delivered? Store, Experience pack or CU?

    Or is this for of Windows 11.

  4. navarac

    This may be probably too political, Brad, so I understand if you "pass" on this.

    While I abhor Child Abuse, as most decent people must, what do you think of Apple's announcement of the ability to determine images (or other content?) that is held on customers handsets?

    Do you think that this flies in the face of Apple's so-called protection of privacy. I believe it sets a dangerous precedent, in that governments (and not only dictatorial ones) may decide what is and what is not allowed.

    • navarac

      I should add that Apple will just report things to law enforcement, out of hand, so to speak.