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  1. Mehedi Hassan

    Do u miss me yes or no

  2. jnbck

    Curious on your opinion: do you think Duo will be successful? Who would this be for?
    I can't see people shelling out $1,400 when you can't reasonably use it to replace your phone or your PC. Also, prediction on who will come out smiling on EPIC vs Apple?
  3. Usman

    Looks a like PR nightmare, a next Gen console launching without their key flagship game, I get that they don't make money from a console, however they've ceded the mindshare.

    Anecdotally when it comes to casual talk about consoles, it just leads towards Xbox has no games. Covid aside, do you think the console sales are going to be disappointing for Microsoft.

  4. rick

    Look forward to your podcast every week, have been watching from when it was called the Redmond Report.

    1st question: What do you think of the pricing of the surface duo? It maybe a little overpriced for what it offers currently but I feel if they had under priced it, future models if they are more in line with other vendors top options and they had to drastically increase the price would complain so this way it sets the standard for pricing.

    2nd question: Do you think Intel 11th Gen Chips will really compete with AMD chips? In the past Intel has failed to deliver on some of the promises.

    Thanks and have a great weekend

  5. Jester

    With Halo being delayed, do you think they will drop Xbox One and be exclusive to Xbox Series X/S and PC?

  6. eeisner

    How successful does the Duo need to be internally for Microsoft to allow Panos to work on a V2 and V3? We know Microsoft tends to get it right on V3 - do you think Microsoft leadership is heavily invested in the future of Duo and willing to be more lenient with poor sales numbers up front knowing that hardware and marketshare take time, or quick to kill if Duo sales don't hit expectations due to Microsoft's past failings in mobile?

  7. Tourniquet

    Hey Brad some questions regarding the Duo:

    1) Why US only? We already heard it was registered / certified for Canada

    and Japan, but still they released it for US only.

    2) Is it coming to Europe, or is that out of the question?

    3) What happened to the living image feature? In the trailer in October

    they showed a lockscreen images with a flower that's opening up as

    you open the duo. In the new video, that seems to be gone.

  8. erichk

    Hi Brad, odd question -- do you remember when TVs were TVs and computers were computers? Now we have TVs that can do things that computers can do and computers that do a lot of things that TVs can do. Where will it end?

  9. will

    Honestly, what is the compelling reason to spend $$$ and get an Xbox Series X this year?

  10. ethanalvaree

    Hi Brad, 3 questions if I may:

    1. I noticed marketing materials for Surface Duo aren't highlighting the Xcloud touch controls when the device is in "3DS" mode. Do you think this feature is still in development or shelved?

    2. A while ago you talked about Gamecore / WCOS (Windows Core OS) running on Scarlett. Is this still happening or will the series X run the old Xbox One OS? What about Lockhart?

    3. Any idea on Bluetooth / Surface Headphones 2 support for Xbox Series X?


  11. azbat360

    Do you think that Microsoft will increase the manufacturing on Xbox One S? You can't get one from their site for 30 days. If not, what's the likelihood of the them stealth dropping the Series S when it's announced? Without the One X & slow delivery of the One S, the next 3 months seems a long time to not be selling any consoles.

  12. mrpki

    Do you think 343 chose to delay the Halo Infinite release until 2021 based on the public feedback that they received from the July Xbox game showcase? Is it possible they are delaying the release to ensure they can simultaneously release the campaign and multi-player options that they publicly stated after the showcase?

  13. thrustbucket

    Do you think it's possible that Microsoft still does not have a firm date, internally, for the series x launch? It's odd that they would announce a month, but not a date. Even after the controllers/nov 6 leak at best buy.

    Also, many of your readers, like me, have invokes and surface 1 headphones. You should probably let them know they can get $75 in microsoft gift cards for their decision to yank out cortana. (it won't let me post a link)

  14. c_ditt1

    Is Windows 10 copy/paste still broken or am I just going crazy? Winver 2004

  15. Tomworthjr

    Got a Duo 2 roadmap/timeline? Love this thing of beauty, but WAY too expensive and camera is a non-starter (for a phone, which this is especially since it runs Android instead of Windows, regardless of what MSFT says). Like to know what I'm waiting for with the 2!

  16. taras

    How would you explain Surface Duo's price to an average user? I see lots of people laughing at it considering what this device offers for its price, like last year CPU, only 6 GB of RAM and tremendously small battery.

    Second question: do you have any idea how is the battery life in Duo? 3.7K mAh does not look very promising even for a single-screen device.

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