Questions for 8/16?


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  1. MrPKI

    Now that you have heard about the Microsoft integration into the new Samsung mobile phone and the upcoming Google Pixel4 camera, are you still sticking to only the iPhone?

  2. simont

    With the amount of Windows 7 PC's still in production around the world, do you think Microsoft is going to land up issuing emergency patches like they have done for Windows XP over the years even though they have said no more patches from February.

  3. ngc224

    Any insight into the supposed Microsoft event in October, or is it just another Panos dud?

  4. starkover

    Tough Crowd. :)

  5. psychoker

    Hey Brad, i have a question about CoreOS.

    Will it be possible to install CoreOS my self like Windows 10 or will it just be included with a device.

    Have a great day and greetings from Luxembourg. ✌️

  6. 66Mustang

    A few months ago, you evaluated several wifi mesh systems. Which one did you go with? Recently, you talked about running a hard wire from your basement to your den (I think). Was mesh a bust?

  7. averroda


    The surface Go keyboard was designed with extra connectors between the type cover and the device. At the time you speculated what they might be for but wanted to do extra digging. Did you ever find out what Microsoft plans to do with the extra throughput? I'm assuming this style will not only be on the Go but will come to the Pro as well.

  8. psychoker

    Hey one more question, what do you think about the new prototyp off the mobile Xbox Controller for a phone from Yanko Design.

    And other details about Xcloud, i still have so much question about it.

    Have a great day ✌️

  9. psychoker

    Now that mixer got a big attention, do you think Microsoft consider to make Mixer now a Youtube competitor?

    And should they take another name because mixer isnt the best name, because when you google about mixer you get mixer for the kitchen. It would be nice if they would take the Xbox branding for it like Xstream or Xbroadcast or just simple Xbox Stream and it wouldnt be an issue with the Xbox name because Xbox is allready on PC.

    Have a great day ✌️

  10. stevestar88

    Will the 8cx be too expensive to put in a Go?

    What's Microsoft's strategy for mobile after having lost the OS battle to Android? Will they no longer be a consumer frontend platform? How can they succeed in consumer space, like with Xcloud, when Google dominates consumer platforms with Android, Chrome, YouTube?