Questions for 8/17


Questions for the show? Drop them here.

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  1. T182

    How does the Surface Go perform vs the Surface 3?

  2. hrlngrv

    Can we start a pool for the date on which MSFT finally announces Windows 10 on 700 million devices?

  3. dtcpss

    Can Microsoft revive Band with Windows Core OS?

  4. ponsaelius

    The Surface Go has a battery life indistinguishable from a conventional laptop and less than an iPad. How is it a "mobile" device?

  5. dtcpss

    Which one will be cheaper, Andromeda / HoloLens 2?

  6. dtcpss

    Technically can Microsoft do x64 emulation on Windows 10 on ARM?

  7. helix2301

    Why are so many people still using Skype for Business when its end of life is approaching? Why can't Teams or SFB do sms messaging like every other phone system on the web?