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  1. MrPKI

    Do you know if Gears of War 5 will be in the Ultimate Game Pass when it is released next week since we all got upgraded for $1 based on your tip?

    • jlv632a

      In reply to MrPKI:

      Yes. All the E3 trailers has it stated that this is coming to "Game Pass". However you can bet that we only get the base model and they will have a "Gears of War 5 Ultimate Edition" with better maps and Multiplayer boosts for $89 USD

  2. ngc224

    You don’t have to say what it is, but is there something VERY BIG coming from Microsoft before the end of the year (of course it could be cancelled or delayed at any time, blah, blah, blah)?

  3. corey_mccowan

    I am curious if you have know if the new Lite OS gives any improvements for battery life and/or performance compared to Windows on the same hardware (i.e. Surface book, Surface Laptop etc.)

  4. simont

    Do you think bringing Ninja will make a difference to the number of people using Mixer. The few times I have looked at Mixer streams, the streamers ways have much fewer viewers than on Twitch.

  5. Robteaboy

    Q1 - are there any rumors of Windows 10 (WOA) coming for the Raspberry Pi 4? It seems like it'd be a good way to get devs playing with WOA.

    Q2 - now that the new ryzen chips have been out a bit... What does this tell us about Xbox Scarlett? - feel free to guess/speculate

    • wright_is

      In reply to Robteaboy:

      <jedi>this is the not ARM you are looking for</jedi> waves arm.

      So far, WOA has been more WOS (Windows on Snapdragon). Windows IOT runs on the Raspi. With the Raspi 4, we are finally getting into the processing power and memory size that WOA might crawl along...

  6. casewell

    Do you have any idea what is happening with Microsoft to-do roll out with to-do pane. It has been (almost) a year. Why does it take so long for anything to roll out on Outlook,com?

    • Usman

      In reply to casewell:

      Somethings are phased, currently todo pane is in the office 365 business version of outlook web but not in the consumer, I believe they're testing there first then bringing to the consumer version.

      Some features are tested on consumer first then to o365 businesss, but then some are tested the other way around.

  7. eeisner

    I'm super hyped for the next gen MSFT Flight Sim (as I think you are too, Brad). MSFT is doing a great job promoting Azure AI along with this new sim, and recent articles have stated that MSFT expects 2 petabytes of geographic data to get the high-res visuals we've seen. Do you have any insight as to how MSFT expects to utilize Azure AI with the new sim? Is MSFT using Azure and X-Cloud to process the heavy load in the cloud, allowing lower spec'd computers to run this sim? Going forward, should we expect to move away from minimum hardware specs for PC games and instead see minimum storage and internet speeds?

  8. Rick

    Will the new Surface devices have the latest intel chips? I know Microsoft doesn't feel the need to push the envelope with TB3 since most of their customers are business, but any hope for those of us holding out hope and looking to buy a new PC in Q4?

  9. justme

    I posted a question regarding this in the forums, but may as well ask directly as I know you use Amazon's digital assistant.

    Below is a recent story from the UK:

    My question is - do you 'turn off' or 'mute' the Assistant at night? Do you take any precautions to avoid things like what are talked about in the story? Are you worried about it at all?

  10. MrPKI

    How much do you think XBox Mixer is paying Ninja to defect from Twitch?