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Questions for the podcast tomorrow? Drop them here.

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  1. bart

    Hello Brad, I hope you are well.

    This is a question about

    Will you be making a PWA with notifications of new articles, podcasts, etc?

  2. willr

    Hey Brad, I know it's early days and things can change between now and then but for the Series X, do you think they'll do a smaller "One S" style refresh in 2 or 3 years, or do you think they'll put out a significantly upgraded model like they did with the One X?

  3. sykeward

    Hi Brad, I have a consumer-ish question about Teams accounts. I recently created Microsoft accounts for each of my kids to use on a shared computer (child accounts since they’re under 13 and all linked to a family). This works pretty well w/ parental controls, etc.

    Microsoft suggested using Teams for each MSA, and I thought it’d be an interesting thing to try since my kids don’t have phones and this would be a way for them to message me and my wife. Alas, I discovered there isn’t actually a way to set up a Teams account without unique mobile phone number.

    The only suggestion that I’ve seen is from their own support techs on the MS forums: “Ask family members or friends if you can use their phone numbers to set up your child’s account”. And if these family and friends want a Teams account themselves down the road, what then? Support: “…”

    Are you aware of any changes to these requirements that might be coming? We can’t be the only family with 8-12 yo kids without smartphones…right? It just frustrating, and my Teams for Families or Whatever TM experiment ended right there.

  4. mrpki

    I saw a recent article about Outsiders not being profitable on Game Pass despite being a top game. Do you think any games are profitable from only being on Game Pass?

  5. ingi0m4rx

    Hi Brad,

    Do you have any idea what happened to the Xbox UI that was coming to Windows?

  6. hrlngrv

    Ever since Windows 98 came out, there've been at least 2 Win32-capable, long filename-supporting versions of Windows in support at the same time. (I'm ignoring NT 3.x.) (Even during the Longhorn hiatus, Windows 2000 and Windows ME were in support along with XP before Vista came out.) Windows 10 is scheduled for end of support in October 2025. Do you believe Windows 12 would be out well before that, or do you believe there's going to be some period of time during which Windows 11 is the only available version in support?

  7. crunchyfrog

    With phone season upon us I am curious if you and or Paul have plans to make any upgrades to your daily driver devices and if so, which models?

  8. bishbash93

    1) Whatever happened to that supposed Journal app for the Duo/Neo-style devices?

    2) In light of the planned revamp of Onenote UWP+Win32, and 'One Outlook/Monarch', are there any plans for a cross-platform Photos experience?

    I'm thinking back to my Windows Phone days where the 'Pictures Hub' synced between my phone and my PC too.

    Now, they just have the OneDrive app on Android which does not fully replace the phone's gallery app and is not the same experience as the Photos app on Windows 10.

  9. madthinus

    You going to play Quake on the console? What does Quake mean to you as a gamer?

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