Questions for 8/24


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  1. torchatlas

    Do you think the Surface Studio will be discontinued? Microsoft has yet to release an updated version, and doesn't talk about the device very often. I know the Surface Studio is still featured in the Surface family images, but it's selling really terribly.

  2. matsan

    (Moved my question over to Paul as I thought this was Paul's thread). No offence :-)

  3. programmeral

    People keep saying Microsoft's plan for the Surface Go was mostly for first line workers. Its only been out a month, but have you heard of anyone actually planning to use it for that? I worry this is another case of Microsoft making something because they feel they need to, and then giving some marketing line around why they made it. If companies aren't planning to use it for that, it seems like a departure from Satya making business groups justify new products.

  4. Scott Ross

    What type of hardware do you use to test beta or pre release software? Do you use new or switch between new and old hardware?

  5. bart

    Will Xbox All Access be US only?

  6. Maktaba

    You said you had some exciting news about Windows phone. Please share it with us.

  7. dtcpss

    Will Microsoft make a new UWP podcast app to replace the old one in WP8.1?